My go-to nutpods creamer flavors for iced coffee

Did you ever think it was possible for a coffee creamer to taste SO incredibly delicious, but contain 0g of sugar? Pumpkin spice, cinnamon swirl, peppermint mocha, hazelnut with 0g of carbs.. You better believe it! Nutpods is a Seattle based dairy-free coffee creamer company, who started out as a small biz & has seriously … Continue reading My go-to nutpods creamer flavors for iced coffee

Essential oil diffuser jewelry – calming + trendy!

Jewelry with a purpose, that's my kind of bracelet One of the many sites that I browse when I'm bored and itching to shop is Etsy. I've been daydreaming lately for a unique way to incorporate my essential oils into my everyday routine and thankfully *heavens shining down* I found Drops of Wellness Goods. The … Continue reading Essential oil diffuser jewelry – calming + trendy!

Hydrosols, serums & nature, oh my!

Wild beauty products made with love in New Hampshire I'm always looking for a new way to vamp up my skincare routine. With the most recent buzz around using rose quartz rollers, I fell into the spell of browsing the ever so lovely (& pricey) world of facial serums . What are they? What do they do? Are they worth the hype to … Continue reading Hydrosols, serums & nature, oh my!

Journaling for beginners

Weekly reflective lists to celebrate you with Moorea Seal What is journaling? Do you picture a 10 year old girl doodling with a fuzzy pink pen in her diary from Claire's? Or maybe a small business owner scribbling in plans to upgrade their storefront? Journaling is for everyone - the student, the millennial, the CEO. … Continue reading Journaling for beginners

The most amazing soy candles on Etsy – Birch House Candles

Soy candles hand-poured in New Jersey The minute I walk in my front door, before I even take off my enormous winter coat and fuzzy beanie, I head straight to my (very impressive and ever growing) candle stash to light an aroma that matches the season. Holidays? Winter Spice. Fall? Pumpkin Souffle. You get the gist! I'm a sucker … Continue reading The most amazing soy candles on Etsy – Birch House Candles