2019 Black Friday Deals

They should really rename Black Friday to National CassieSays Shopping Day ... right? I mean seriously, this is my Super Bowl as my friends have eagerly alerted me today, which was quite flattering - needless to say, I love Black Friday. And with that, I also love a good deal. I mean, who doesn't? Here's … Continue reading 2019 Black Friday Deals

I just spent $25 on granola butter …

On Halloween, Kween had a sale {you know me, weak for a good sale}, $24.99 for their granola butter 3 jar variety pack. I caved, I got it. I spent $25 on a trendy snack spread. What is granola butter? Created by the kween herself {Ali Bonar} granola butter is a great substitute for anyone … Continue reading I just spent $25 on granola butter …

Tips for Hydrating Before & During Flights

Did you know that plane cabin air is drier than the desert? For those of us who live in Arizona, we're thinking how could air be drier than here? But, yes, in-flight dry air beats all. Instead of letting your skin suffer afterwards, plan ahead and hydrate your body & skin beforehand - you'll thank … Continue reading Tips for Hydrating Before & During Flights

Clean Beauty Nighttime Routine

Every great skincare routine starts with one word - Cocokind. The holy grail for simple, amazing clean beauty. Seriously, what other brand do you know that has a serum for $18, free of junk and actually works to make your skin GLOWWWW... Seven steps, in order, y'all ready for this? Oat to Milk Cleanser Far … Continue reading Clean Beauty Nighttime Routine

The Sweet Scent of October

October has been a huge month for Skylar scents, the female founded company that is trailblazing the way for clean, natural perfumes and body care. From their Scent of the Month from the almighty #SkylarScentClub to the newest collection released, I'm so proud to be a Skylar customer and to work with them in showing … Continue reading The Sweet Scent of October

Costco Haul – The Best Things to Get

Some people are obsessed with Target, others favor HomeGoods - but catch me at Costco on a Friday night with a big smile on my face (and a cart full of the best deals in town!) It's no secret that Costco has some of the best sales and deals ~ lemme tell ya, you really … Continue reading Costco Haul – The Best Things to Get

Discover your inner peace with Skylar’s September Scent

Say adios to summer (tears literally sos) and hello to fall fragrances! The sweet smell of crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice and football season are here people!! I am truly a summer gal, but fall has my heart too. Toss me a pumpkin spice cold brew & the Skylar exclusive Wanderlust scent and I'm ready to … Continue reading Discover your inner peace with Skylar’s September Scent