Meet the shopaholic – Cassie

Shopaholic. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Hi there, I’m Cassie and I will admit, I’m an impulse buyer. You can usually find me browsing my favorite websites with a large cup of coffee in hand planning my next credit card transaction. But with frequent shopping comes knowledge, right?

You know how stores place those small items up front by the counter that stare at you while you wait in line – things that you don’t need at all, but somehow end up in your cart … new scrunchie? compact mirror? reusable holiday mug? Sure! Why not.. my poor wallet.

Of course, before I pull the trigger and buy anything, I always consult my good friend Google. If there aren’t hundreds of positive reviews on a product, I hesitate and sometimes (remarkably) move on.

If you’re like me and rely on the buzz – check out all of my current favorites. And if you just stumbled upon my page – welcome! What are your top picks? If you give it 5 stars and a thumbs up, I’ll most likely end up adding it to my wish list.

Happy Shopping!

xo Cassie