My absolute favorite go-to items from Trader Joe’s

If TJ's isn't your favorite store, you have a problem... Who else looks forward to their Trader Joe's shopping trip every week? It's an addiction.. I may or may not spend my Friday nights food shopping (*CassieSays tip* I finally discovered the best day to go when it isn't packed and that is Friday's). I … Continue reading My absolute favorite go-to items from Trader Joe’s

Top wellness hacks for traveling

Wheels up, snacks packed + essential oils on deck Traveling takes a toll on the body. Whether you're visiting your grandma in Florida and trekking down I-95 or going wheels up to a work conference on the west coast - it's important to travel smart. What exactly am I referring to when I say travel smart? Instead of using travel as an … Continue reading Top wellness hacks for traveling

Do you believe in the power of crystals?

Empowerment, inspiration and hope - the Crystal Starter Kit All judgement and predetermined thoughts aside, what is your take on crystals? Have you jumped on board and integrated them into your daily routine or are you completely skeptical? If you told me a month ago that I'd look to a stone for inspiration, I'd check … Continue reading Do you believe in the power of crystals?

The holy grail for germophobes

On the go essential oil towelettes to cleanse & kick germs to the curb Look up the word germophobe in the dictionary and you'll see my name. I'm the type of person who opens bathroom doors with my sleeve, washes my hands so much that my skin is always dry and cannot fathom the thought of sharing a … Continue reading The holy grail for germophobes

Are sticky socks only for barre class?

The grip sock with a happy reminder to be authentically you! Raise your hand if you've ever taken a barre class? If you consider yourself a barre star, then you're definitely familiar with the accessory that helps you survive class without slipping and eating .. carpet, sticky socks. Designed with comfort and functionality in mind - the sticky … Continue reading Are sticky socks only for barre class?

Journaling for beginners

Weekly reflective lists to celebrate you with Moorea Seal What is journaling? Do you picture a 10 year old girl doodling with a fuzzy pink pen in her diary from Claire's? Or maybe a small business owner scribbling in plans to upgrade their storefront? Journaling is for everyone - the student, the millennial, the CEO. … Continue reading Journaling for beginners