This bag of $100 worth of skincare was only $20 at Whole Foods … I’m shook

Can the Whole Foods Beauty Week Sale happen every month? Whole Foods hosted their annual beauty week sale and I think it may be the best shopping experience I've ever been a part of. Yes, it tops Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the days in between. For just $20, they offered a Self-Care Sunday … Continue reading This bag of $100 worth of skincare was only $20 at Whole Foods … I’m shook

The first month EVER of Skylar’s Scent Club

Smell fabulous with these clean, safe and fresh natural scents The Skylar rollies are my fave - can you guess which scent this is that I'm holding... Allow me to introduce you to the amazing women that are true trailblazers in the 6-free scent world - Cat Chen and her team of ladies creating clean … Continue reading The first month EVER of Skylar’s Scent Club

Whole Foods Beauty Sale

Today until April 2nd, 25% off all beauty products OMG Seriously, drop what you're doing and run (or olympic sprint) to your nearest Whole Foods. I'm still hyped up on my jittery post-beauty sale high right now & I'm 99.9% sure that my heart rate is dangerously elevated... From March 27 - April 2nd, the … Continue reading Whole Foods Beauty Sale

Follain Clean Essentials Kit

Healthy skin starts here! When you're looking to fill the empties in your skincare routine, it's tough to decide which new cleanser or toner to get without trying out all the tester bottles at the store. Of course you can either rely on reviews (including all of mine in the clean beauty category of CassieSays!) … Continue reading Follain Clean Essentials Kit

the BEST non-toxic nail polish

7-free polish! Ella + Mila to the rescue What is the first thing you think of when you picture a nail salon? Besides the huge selection of colors that literally takes me 20+ minutes to decide on... my thoughts go straight to the overwhelming chemical smell when you walk in.  S.O.S I don't know about you, but I don't want to sit in a room … Continue reading the BEST non-toxic nail polish

Clean Beauty Swap, Part II: Lips & Cheeks

Related post: Clean Foundation & Powder It's been a while since this series had the spotlight, but let's keep trucking along, shall we? I've managed to swap out all of my makeup to non-toxic products, hallelujah. If you missed the first post in this series about my foundation and powder swap, check it out. Cheeks - Blush Prior to … Continue reading Clean Beauty Swap, Part II: Lips & Cheeks

The Golden Rule – never forget moisturizer!

Be rooted with ULIV skincare We've all heard of turmeric and ginger wake up shots from juice bars, but what about both of those ingredients in skincare? Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite moisturizer, the golden glow facial souffle by ULIV. @ULIVSkincare Founder of ULIV skincare, Lishawn Lalonde, struggled with an auto-immune disease for years and … Continue reading The Golden Rule – never forget moisturizer!