The 4 month debate to order a Peloton bike..

COVID19 shook things up in March 2020 and in result, shut down every business, gym and fitness boutique across the country. At the time, I was an avid OTF’er (Orangetheory for those of you who aren’t familiar), followed by long weight lifting sessions and outdoor runs of course.

So when the gyms closed, I was thinking to myself, like many others ‘what is there to do to stay in shape?‘ Yes, running outside was still an option, but I needed more.

There was a Peloton bike in my old apartment complex and I quickly became obsessed with riding it 3-4 times per week. So when I thought about the convenience it would be to have one in my house, I seriously debated purchasing one for the past four months in quarantine – yes four long months of research & reading trillions of blogs…

The day is here y’all. I finally gave in and decided that for me personally, it was worth the investment – I ordered a Peloton bike!

Payment Options for the Peloton Bike

The Peloton bike does has a hefty price tag, don’t get me wrong there, but you do have two choices.

  • Pay in full for the bike at the time you order it
  • Finance the bike and pay per month through a third party for a set number of months/years (example: $58 per month for 39 months)

There’s no wrong answer, it’s really what works best with your budget! In addition to paying for the actual bike, you are also required to pay $39 for the Peloton membership itself.

What comes with the $39 membership?

The peloton app has SO many class types to choose from.

In order to actually stream the live classes from the almighty Leanne Hainsby hailing from the UK or the ever popular ball of energy, Cody Rigsby from NYC, you do have to pay a membership fee.

You might be thinking – but I’m already paying an arm and a leg for the actual bike.. there’s another fee!?

Think about the fees you pay when you belong to an in-person gym. You pay for the monthly membership to utilize everything the gym has to offer, correct? This is the same idea. In order to keep the live classes rolling on the reg and of course for the instructors to be paid (I assume), there’s a price to pay, although it’s in a virtual setting. But trust me on this one, it’s worth the $39 and beyond!

With the Peloton membership you have access to TONS of amazing classes + challenges each week.

Let’s start with the obvious: live rides and encore (previously recorded) rides. You can join thousands of other people for a morning meditation or a lunchtime ride. Don’t forget about yoga, dance cardio, stretching, strength, guided runs, boot camps, walking audio – you’ll never get bored.

*Tip* Don’t want to get the bike? You can download the Peloton app for $12.99 per month & still get access to everything I just mentioned without purchasing the bike itself.

Is the price tag worth it?

Photo from the Peloton website

On average, before COVID, I was spending $90 per month just to take 8 classes at my local OTF studio, so for me, it’s absolutely worth having a bike in my home, that I can ride unlimited days in the month/year/until forever.

Roll out of bed? Walk 4 steps. Jump on the bike & you’re ready to ride!

Discount? Yes you can actually save $100!

So in the grand scheme of things, the bike will cost you about $2,245 with no “accessories” (accessories are items like shoes, weights, bike mat, heart rate monitor, etc.). But what I found is that all I really needed were the cycling shoes since I didn’t own any.

Photo from the Peloton website

I have a set of 3lb weights – perfect for the weight rack behind the seat. I could order a cheap bike mat on Amazon for $20-$30 to catch my sweat from ruining my hardwood floor, def cheaper than the one sold on the Peloton website. I like to connect my wireless headphones to the bike through bluetooth, so no need to order their wired headphones.

When I was in my four month debate of ‘do I really need this bike‘ I watched a handfullllll of YouTube reviews. At the end of each of them, the YouTuber offered a code for $100 off. Great news! You don’t need to be a mega influencer to get this discount code to share with your friends – it’s simply the Peloton ‘refer a friend’ program on each account!

So I asked my friend who just bought her bike what her code was. I saved $100 on my shoes (they were originally $125, so they came out to $25.) In return, she earned $100 to spend at the Peloton boutique, win – win!

If you don’t know anyone with a Peloton yet, use my code [PEFN8W] for $100 off accessories when you order a bike or tread – it’s too good to pass up!

CassieSays .. the Peloton bike is an investment, but one that fits my lifestyle! Decide what’s best for you and if you end up jumping into this community, I know you’ll love every minute of it! #TogetherWeGoFar

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