Smart Snacking with Modern Picnic

What does it mean to smart snack? Well for me, it’s prepping healthy snacks to keep in my purse, when I know I have a busy day ahead. Why is that smart? Well it helps to avoid grabbing something unhealthy from the office ‘sweets cabinet’ or even financially smart, to avoid spending $$ on food if you’re on the road.

Where do YOU store your snacks? Do you toss your bag of baby carrots into your purse & then eat them dried out at room temp (yuck)? Do you prepare an entire lunch box with a cooler pack just to store a bag of trail mix + an apple, in order to keep your snacks from melting or going bad?

What if I told you that you could pack your healthy snacks in an insulated, vegan leather zipper pouch that can fit ALL of your refrigerated faves, keep them cool + at the same time ~look totally chic~.

The Modern Picnic Snacker

The Modern Picnic snacker is a fashionable, sustainable & [most importantly] functional way to carry your snacks {or a small meal} in your purse or backpack. Gone are the days of tossing a granola bar in your bag to later find it flattened and ~oozing chocolate~ by the time you go to eat it.

The faux crocodile snacker

It’s perfect for snacking on the go!

The snacker comes in ten colors. The newly released faux crocodile pattern in white & black completely blew me away – I just ordered the black snacker, certainly a tough decision {I even went to my insta fam with a voting poll}! Aside from neutrals [blush, beige, brown] there is also a hunter green snacker + a newly released white canvas pattern.

Different Ways to Use the Snacker

Here are a few suggestions of different ways to rock your snacker:

  • Day long work conference? Pack snacks to have healthier options at your fingertips instead of reaching for large irresistible cookies that always seem to be offered as a quick ‘grab and go’.
  • Skip the lines at the airport kiosks – have a few bars + a nut mix packed away safely for a flight or even a train ride when traveling.
  • Avoid overpriced gummies at the movies & tuck away your favorite candy shhh!
  • Use it as a clutch to head to the bars [+ add a bag of goldfish while you’re at it].
  • Pack pretzels to munch on for a day in the city – all that walking, you’ll definitely work up an appetite!
  • Take it with you on your daily neighborhood walk, snacking on the go at its finest.
  • Headed to a tailgate? Pack an extra spiked seltzer [or 2] to keep cool for when you’re ready for round 2.
  • Store your supplements – collagen powder, matcha for a post lunch caffeine kick, vitamins? All organized in one spot.
  • BYOC, bring your own creamer to breakfast. I only use one brand of coffee creamer – the snacker is the perfect place to put my little dairy-free carton for yummy coffee on the go.

Why limit the snacker to just food related use?

Other ways you can take this stylish pouch on the go with you |that doesn’t involve| actual snacking:

  • Use it as a cosmetic bag {the wipeable liner makes this one a homerun}.
  • Store your medication in it so that it stays cool for an overnight trip.
  • Put your spf in there for a day at the beach – no one likes a soupy sunscreen.
  • Use it as a clutch – headed to a work gala, brunch with the girls or even on a date!?
  • Vegan leather pencil case anyone? This might be the most stylish home for gel pens that ever existed.
  • Tech accessory pouch – say goodbye to the days of tangled headphones, missing laptop chargers or even an overheated phone when the temps outside hit the upper 90s in the sweet sweet summertime.
  • Reusable straws need a home? I refuse to just toss mine in my purse, so now they have a clean spot to hang!

Cassie Says..

The snacker is the solution to your melted chocolate bar, dried out snacks, the MIA handful of Reeses cup you tossed in your bag last week, the slightly unorganized array of supplements scattered in your tote + will be the newest accessory for your night-on-the-town look.

I’m the type of person that likes to keep everything in my purse categorized – so an insulated, zipper pouch dedicated to holding my snacks is just so MVP in my book.

Want a snacker of your own so you can snack in style? As a Modern Picnic ambassador, I’m excited to get to share a discount code with you – get 15% off with CP15 on the Modern Picnic website!

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