My go-to nutpods creamer flavors for iced coffee

Did you ever think it was possible for a coffee creamer to taste SO incredibly delicious, but contain 0g of sugar? Pumpkin spice, cinnamon swirl, peppermint mocha, hazelnut with 0g of carbs.. You better believe it!

Nutpods is a Seattle based dairy-free coffee creamer company, who started out as a small biz & has seriously taken over the plant based hearts of sooo many.

Yes, I’m a member of the #nutpodsquad, otherwise known as a nutpods ambassador, but you can trust that my opinions are genuine – I actually got hooked on this gluten-free creamer first as a customer!

Picture little ol me just strolling through my local Whole Foods – in Arizona at the time – this past November, Christmas music already blaring on the speakers .. with the sound of the holidays on repeat, I was craving a seasonal coffee creamer. I came across the nutpods peppermint mocha flavor [limited edition flavor during the holidays] & lemme tell ya, I was HOOKED. Of course I did what anyone does when they love something, I shouted about it from the rooftops – and by rooftops I mean the small squares of my Instagram page. From there, I was like WOW I must learn more about this company + see how I can be a small part of it… we can talk more about that another time, but the big focus right now are my favorite flavs!

My Favorite Nutpods Flavors For Iced Coffee

With summer finallllly here, I’ve traded in my hot morning cup of jo for a flavorful iced coffee. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your caffeinated bev, try one of these nutpods flavors [ + if you’re a newbie, save 15% on with ‘cassiesaysblog’].

  • Classic Chocolate – make it a mocha iced, this chocolate flavor is unreal!
  • Cinnamon Swirl – like a fresh cinnamon bun from the oven, but in your cup.
  • Caramelsubtle, yet flavorful! This one reminds me of the hard caramel candies 🙂
  • Original – and some days, I’ll keep it classic! Nothing wrong with that.
#IGotMySipTogether #NutpodsSquad


Before I discovered nutpods, I was strictly a no-cream-please type of coffee gal. But now, I will literally pack a carton of nutpods when I travel. When you order from the nutpods website, it is delivered shelf stable – which means once you open it, that’s when you pop it in the fridge. Some people don’t leave home without their sunglasses in the summer, for me, it’s my nutpods creamer LOL.

Add some flavor to your morning coffee – nutpods [and I] have your back. As a nutpods ambassador, I’m ecstatic to share my thoughts with you and also duh, help you save $$!

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