Smart Snacking with Modern Picnic

What does it mean to smart snack? Well for me, it's prepping healthy snacks to keep in my purse, when I know I have a busy day ahead. Why is that smart? Well it helps to avoid grabbing something unhealthy from the office 'sweets cabinet' or even financially smart, to avoid spending $$ on food … Continue reading Smart Snacking with Modern Picnic

My go-to nutpods creamer flavors for iced coffee

Did you ever think it was possible for a coffee creamer to taste SO incredibly delicious, but contain 0g of sugar? Pumpkin spice, cinnamon swirl, peppermint mocha, hazelnut with 0g of carbs.. You better believe it! Nutpods is a Seattle based dairy-free coffee creamer company, who started out as a small biz & has seriously … Continue reading My go-to nutpods creamer flavors for iced coffee