I tried 4 different natural deodorant formulas from this brand – here’s what happened!

The rad team over at Pretty Frank sent me their Body Chemistry Kit, which is a collection of mini trial jars of their four natural deoderant formulas [baking soda, magnesium, zinc and charcoal].

I tried each one for an entire week – here are my results!

Week 1 – Zinc & Charcoal

Day 1 & 2: Rule #1 of natural deodorant, never apply on freshly shaved armpits.

According to the instructions card, the best way to detox your pits is to use the charcoal deodorant at night for two weeks, followed by one of the other three formulas in the morning.

I’ve been wearing natural deodorant for 2 years, so my pits are adjusted, but for the sake of following the rules, charcoal at night it is!

The trial set are all mini 0.5 jars, so yes, you must use your fingers to apply it. The best way to do it is of course to wash your hands first [we’re all getting really good at this with the pandemic] and then warm up the formula by swirling your finger in the jar. Apply just a pea sized amount – trust me, it’s plenty.

CHARCOAL FORMULA: FIRST IMPRESSION – obviously the formula is dark grey/black, so I opted to wear a black tank top to bed. It didn’t stain my shirt or sheets – some other charcoal deos that I’ve used have done that, which isn’t deal, so YAY. The formula went on so smooth – another surprise that I haven’t noticed in other charcoal formulas I’ve tried! I put a little more on the right armpit, so that one has a grey tint like I walked through a cloud of dust, but the left armpit I applied the correct amount [a pea sized] so it went on clear. It left a moisturizing feel, which I’ve never experienced with a deodorant before so that’s fun!

Morning time, I feel like this is a cop out, but I chose to start with the zinc formula for daytime wear since it visibly looks most like the previous deodorant I wore, so I was excited to compare and contrast. I felt most comfortable starting there .. and I’d say it was a good choice 🙂

ZINC FORMULA: FIRST IMPRESSION – The deodorant seemed to have very small grains in it when just looking at it, sorta reminded me of pancake mix in the making LOL but when the paste was warmed up {with your fingers remember}, it was fluffy after just a few swirls in the jar. The zinc formula was definitely also smooth like the charcoal one when applying and not messy at all.

Pretty Frank suggests that if you have extra paste on your fingers, you can use it on the back of your hands as a moisturizer! Makes sense when the ingredients are arrowroot powder, shea butter, coconut oil, magnesium hydroxide, caprylic/capric triglyceride, zinc oxide, candelilla wax and non-GMO Vitamin E derived 100% from Sunflowers – all clean, yes please.

All the formulas in the chemistry kit are unscented, but are also available in nine scents. WOW so many options!

~After a full day wearing it~ sniff check – STILL FRESH! Not that I moved around toooo much while working from home, but I naturally do sweat easily & this zinc did the trick, A+ so far!

Week 2 – Baking Soda Formula

Baking soda is an ingredient that a handful of people are very sensitive to. Although this was in the deodorant formula that I previously used, I was hesitant at first to try this formula out. I noticed that baking soda was higher up in the ingredient list, which means there was a good amount of it in the formula [when reading an ingredient label, it is organized top to bottom, most to least].

BAKING SODA FORMULA: FIRST IMPRESSION – I am so surprised! Similar in texture to the zinc formula – the baking soda formula is very smooth + went on so easily. A small amount goes a long way, so I have feeling a full sized jar would definitely last way more than 2 months, which was my pet peeve with my previous deodorant.

~After a full week wearing it ~ I’m a big fan! I really thought this formula would crash & burn (literally, baking soda can cause some armpits to burn), but I didn’t have any issues at all! No itching, no rash and no burning pits.

As I mentioned earlier, the one important thing to remember when applying a natural deodorant is to be sure you don’t shave and then apply right after. Shave your armpits at night and then apply deodorant in the AM.

I noticed that I went through my entire mini jar of this formula pretty quick, but with the zinc formula, I had a good amount left at the end of the week. Maybe I put on too much? I felt like I used the same amount?

*CassieSays shopping tip* Thrive Market member? The Pretty Frank baking soda formula is available on Thrive in the Jasmine and Lavender scent. Definitely add it to your cart on your next order – it’s $7.99 for the jar {typically $10} and $9.99 for the stick version {typically $12}.

Week 3 – Magnesium

Magnesium formula is targeted for people with sensitive skin – as the Pretty Frank website states “This aluminum-free and paraben-free natural deodorant is The One for sensitive skin, keeping you smelling great without baking soda or essential oils.”

MAGNESIUM FORMULA: FIRST IMPRESSION – I actually don’t know how much I like this formula so far, although it’s only day 1 of giving it a try, it’s a little different than the other three formulas. The first thing I noticed is that it was crumbly. At first, I thought hmm maybe it’s because I didn’t warm it up. So I swirled my finger in the mini jar and tried again – more crumbles ..

Magnesium formula

~After a full week wearing it~ the magnesium formula is absolutely still extremely effective like the other three.. but.. I just can’t get across the texture on this one. It’s pretty stiff in the jar to get out, where the others were smooth and I didn’t think twice about it. When you apply it, it seems to fall all over your underarm & then after some extra TLC, it does eventually rub in – a bit slower to blend than the other formulas.

No issues, no irritation, no midday smelly armpits!

This formula is targeted for people with seriously sensitive pits – the Pretty Frank crew breaks it down for you here on their blog.

Week 4 – the Conclusion

  • Absolute favorite formula: Zinc
  • Next best: Charcoal
  • Really great, super effective, but not my go-to: Baking Soda
  • Worthy mention for sensitive pits: Magnesium


Pretty Frank is an absolutely fabulous natural deodorant! I was a little nervous at first to dive in & start the search for a new natural deodorant brand that works well for my body; I’ve tried 5 different brands in the past two years and I have definitely have had my fair share of stinging redness, midday is that me who smells and sticky underarms… but I’m so glad I put my trust in Pretty Frank!

What initially drew me in was their affordable price, but then I was even more intrigued after reading their ‘no B.S.’ mantra and the mission of the company lined up by their female founder, Amy Perez.

One thing that I learned with using natural beauty products is that if you’re overwhelmed with knowing where to start with swapping from dirty to clean, it’s important to swap out the ones that you use everyday, that soak directly into your skin – such as deodorant.

I love that Pretty Frank formulas are clean, high quality, cruelty free and SO affordable! Their deodorant is packaged in eco friendly glass jars and packaged by real people with love, not machines. If you subscribe to receiving their deodorant – this means it’ll ship without you having to click add to cart – it’s only $8.50 with free shipping!

I’m patiently waiting for the zinc formula in the seaside scent to come back in stock, so I can stock up – can you believe it’s sold out right now?! It’s that good!

Thank you Pretty Frank for gifting me the Chemistry Kit so that I could give all the unscented formulas a try!

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