Ideas to say thank you virtually to a friend, loved one, frontline workers – anyone during this pandemic!

It’s been an interesting + very unexpected time that we’re living in – would you have ever guessed that you’d be required to stay in your home for weeks on end, no matter what or who you are + stay 6 feet away from loved ones… with no clear end date on the timeline?

Well, if you told me all of that even in just a few months ago in December, I’d think you were describing a weird sci fi movie. But this is our reality & instead of focusing on the lows, let’s strive to look at the positive!

How can we brighten the day for others?

As a low key self made philanthropist, I started an initiative called Pocket Full of Sunshine in 2017 – a fun way to brighten people’s day, particularly those fighting tough battles, by delivering & putting together a care package filled with fun items.

It seems like we could all use a sunshine package right about now!

So how can you lift the spirits of people around you right now, virtually?

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Write a hand written note to your best friend to tell them that you’re thinking of them! Put it in your mailbox and mail it – yes, snail mail is the best.
  • Send a text to someone who you haven’t seen in a while just to check in! Ask them how they’re doing – virtually being there for someone is an easy task, but could really mean even more to them during this pandemic!
  • Organize a drive by birthday celebration! Is your bff’s 21st birthday next week? See if you can get a few friends together to drive by her house with handmade birthday signs {whip out the crayolas & poster board from 5th grade, mom knew you’d eventually use those craft supplies!}
  • Extra fabric or handkerchiefs laying around? Grab two hair ties and make a handmade cotton face mask. Do you have a sewing machine? Take it to the next level and sew a few to donate to healthcare workers that are in need!
  • Know someone working on the frontlines? Venmo a nurse, doctor or therapist $5 to cover their coffee. A free cup of jo’ sure would put a smile on my face.
  • Feature your bff who’s a healthcare worker on your Instagram stories for a day to show your support & appreciation for them in the public eye!
  • Cheer as loud as you can at 7pm [or whatever time your city designated] to celebrate the brave people fighting this virus!
  • Plan a virtual happy hour with friends – cheers!
  • Put together a thank you bucket on your porch for delivery drivers – snacks, handmade cards, water bottle!
  • Start a free library by your mailbox! Have some old books that you think others will enjoy? Put them in a box down by the sidewalk for anyone who walks by to add to their home library.
  • Make a sign to thank healthcare workers and stick it on your lawn!
  • Wave to everyone you see when you pass them on a walk or run around your neighborhood. Positivity is contagious – so spread good vibes, not the virus {stay 6 ft away from them of course! Wave from a far.}

Wear a mask & social distance – do your part to flatten the curve!

#CassieSays.. what will you do to brighten someones day? Tag me on Instagram so I can share in the excitement – @cassiesaysblog !

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