Which natural deodorant is the best for you? Pretty Frank-ly, it’s time to find out.

If you haven’t already done so, I highly suggestas your virtual friend & shopaholic bestie, to swap out your deodorant to a natural formula, especially if your current one contains aluminum.


I’m not a scientist or a doctor, but there is decent evidence that aluminum in deodorant could be linked to different cancers, particularly breast cancer.

Your skin is your largest organ – when you apply deodorant, it directly seeps into your bloodstream. Have you checked the ingredient label on yours? It could be time to toss your old stick to the curb.

My Journey to Find a Natural Deodorant

I tried four different natural deodorant brands until I found one that worked well for me. Some irritated my skin, others felt sticky, one felt like I was smelly within literally an hour.. ugh, the struggle was reeeeeal.

I finally discovered a clean, natural deodorant that worked; no chemicals or the forbidden word ‘fragrance’ + an added bonus, the brand was female founded. I was thrilled to support!

The one problem: it was definitely out of my price range. I was restocking every two months – $20 every time. Eeeeek.

Yes, I loved the product + felt confident when I wore it, but my I just couldn’t get over the fact that every 2 months *cha ching*..

The Affordable Find

Photo from pretty-frank.com

Should I start the search over again? Burning armpits, stained shirts (TMI but you get it) – to find a new natural deodorant that would fit my body & my wallet..

I’m taking the plunge!

While browsing Thrive Market, {bath and body section of course, what I do best} I spotted Pretty Frank – a safe, eco friendly company who creates pit paste with entirely clean ingredients. Also female founded, I noticed not only did their ingredient lineup get an A+, they offered their deodorant in a glass jar – my sustainable heart is fluttering.

For $10 per jar ($12 in stick form) I felt like that was more doable. The Pretty Frank team also preaches that they are always available to answer questions, assist in solving detox issues, or give advice … that’s some customer service right there!

Which brings me to my next point…

The 4 Types of Natural Deodorants at Pretty Frank

So many to choose from – it doesn’t end there! You can either try the unscented version of each OR choose from scents like seaside, matcha, woodlands, coconut lime and a few others.

Let’s see what works! Follow along with me.

The pretty rad crew over at Pretty Frank have agreed to gift me the Body Chemistry kit, so I can try out each formula! YAY! And guess what? I want you all to follow along on the journey with me!

Daily updates will be on the gram + a more detailed review here in about a month or so!

In the meantime, this blog post by the Pretty Frank team is seriously the best – wondering which formula works well for sensitive skin along with a formula that kids love too? They got you covered.

CassieSays.. let’s do this!


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