The Best At-Home Workouts for Free – No Equipment Needed!

With the sudden lifestyle shift for everyone across the world, it’s important to remain in sync with your wellness goals & to keep up with your health by creating a daily workout routine, from home of course, that works for you – otherwise known as WOFH.

What has this meant for me and my workouts you ask? Well my daily sweat sesh consisted of an outdoor run, the ever popular Orangetheory workout twice a week, followed by weightlifting at night – so, thankfully the only shift I needed to make was my weight training. But just from scrolling on social media, I am totally aware that you may be feeling totally lost and overwhelmed thinking.. where does one get good workout ideas? What workouts can I do if I don’t own weights? Yes, we are seeing some trainers + fitness enthusiasts post IGTVs of quick workouts, but what if you want something more than that?


Here are some of my favorite FREE workouts right now that you can do from home! They won’t cost you a dime, but will absolutely help you look like one this summer ayyy {I know I know, Cassie you aren’t funny, stick to shopping & blogging}.

Free workouts + apps

The Peloton App

INCREDIBLE! I was lucky enough to have a Peloton bike in my apartment complex in Arizona, so I got to do allll the at-home cycling I wanted on the reg… but adios to that with my move back east.

What am I doing instead? Well, Peloton is offering free use of their app for 90 days [typically it’s 30 days]. It’s SO good that honestly, on day 91, I’ll probably cough up {too soon} the $12.99 it usually costs because girllllll I’m hooked.

The app has a variety of different options – strength workouts, meditation, bodyweight strength, yoga, outdoor running audio, dance cardio – Peloton has it all! Not to mention the team of instructors at Peloton are top notch – I literally daydream of being as fit and cool as Leanne Hainsby someday.

Orangetheory App/Website

Before the shutdown and quarantine, I went to Orangetheory twice a week. These workouts were/are a unique way to switch up your routine with some HIIT and it truly is a GREAT sweat!

Well now that no one can leave their house, Orangetheory memberships have been put on hold….

So what did OTF decide to do? They kicked off their virtual workouts by posting FREE daily workout videos through their app + on their website for members and non members too. Pssst, this is your chance to give it a try on your time, before things get back on track in daily life and then you can dive in full steam ahead as a member!

It truly is a kickbutt workout, I like to layer it with a Peloton strength workout – the sweat is sooo real.

Well + Good

I am sucker and subscribe to most website email lists for some reason – the Well + Good emails included. Click here to get 20% off and a ton of irrelevant emails. Me, always.

So on occasion, I’ll be enticed to click on a video workout that they include with a eye grabbing title like ‘this 8 minute stair climbing workout is equivalent to running 1 mile‘ say whaaa *click*.

I will say, Well + Good has a ton of really interesting workout videos on their website under the tab good sweat. And yes, free!

FabFitFun TV

Yes, the subscription box that I shared about last week also has a tv channel on their website.

The main content is lifestyle articles, interviews of different brand founders and whaddya know, workouts!

FFF must pull from the same content as Well + Good because I recognize the gal with blonde hair from a few workouts I’ve conquered before over on their website in the past.

I’d suggest FFF workouts to beginners for sure – a handful of them are 10 minutes long and are a great intro to at-home workouts.


Want to test out yoga for free? YogaPod of Tucson, AZ has a YouTube channel where they stream classes from their brand new studio and also from the instructor’s homes!

There is restorative yin yoga with Kumari, a sweet soul who I actually have met in-person, along with a 75 minute class with Shaelyn.

I love that the videos aren’t staged like a professional videographer is there, so it feels more grounded and friendly.

CorePower Yoga

Another yoga freebie!

CorePower Yoga offers free videos on demand and live stream on their YouTube channel.

I personally haven’t tried this studio out yet, but it’s on my list!

I’ve heard great things and don’t forget, any body movement during this time is positive. Just get out there and try something new – I can guarantee you won’t regret it!


Take this time and use it to move your body – like trying an at-home barre class or even set a smaller goal like walk a mile each day.

Go outside & enjoy the outdoors! Walk your dog, have your morning cup of coffee on the porch, conduct your video meetings from your patio – whatever works for you!

Work on focusing on yourself and especially during this time, your health.

These free workout apps are a great place to start 🙂

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