Fab Fit Fun, Spring Box 2020

Yes, I gave into the world of #FabFitFun – I pushed aside this subscription box for a while since it seemed very ‘influencer heavy’ and for this very reason, I never gave it the time of day. If you’re scrolling on the gram, you most likely always know when a new seasonal box has been released. Why? Because every Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant promotes it, along with your favorite fashion blogger who has over 5.6 million followers.

I am {sadly or not so sadly, I haven’t decided} not one of those #FabFitFunPartners, just your average shopaholic who decided to give it a whirl.

Membership Types – Seasonal or Select

I originally subscribed to FabFitFun to give my sister for Christmas this year. She loves getting new products, especially when it’s 8+ all at once, so I found a discount code online and signed up as a seasonal member. Woo!

What is a seasonal membership? This means you pay for each box as you go. The other option is to become a select member and pay for the entire year all at once.

As a select member, you can choose your items before others AND you receive your box before seasonal members as well.

Since I didn’t want to dish $200 out at once, the seasonal membership was good enough for me. To make sure I have the most options for my 3 ‘choice products’ that I am designated to choose, I make sure to keep an eye on the FabFitFun calendar via the app – you also get an email when the selection window is open.

My advice? Log on immediately so you get good options, instead of having to choose a sheet mask that you hate, but have no other choice.

What’s in the Spring 2020 box?

I am honestly thrilled with the contents of my Spring Fab Fit Fun box!

For only $50, the products in my box actually had a value of $332.99!

I know a handful of people were making a scene on the FFF instagram account about how when they logged in to make their choices and everything good was out of stock, but hey log on quicker?

Donni Ribbed Sweater Coat – $99

A lightweight, yet perfect transitional cardigan for the spring. It’s actually one size fits all, which I usually would give a side eye to, but totally love this!

CalPak Packing Cubes – $40

Packing made easy with these packing cubes – comes with three sizes – small, medium & large! I’ve been dying to order packing cubes for a few years now, so this is perfect for me & truly anyone who travels often!

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask – $39.99

Have you tried weighted blankets? This is like a weighted blanket, but for your face! I had a migraine last week – put this on and holy moly, this did the trick.

AG Hair Fast Food Leave on Conditioner – $24

Clean haircare is a category that I’m still working on – but I will say this Vancouver based hair brand might be my new go to. My split ends are crying for hydration and this conditioner revived them within ONE use – seriously amazing. AG Hair just came out with a plant based, vegan collection that I totally want to try!

Jaboneria Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil – $68

I’m a big fan of using oils on my face as a moisturizer, but the last time I used coconut oil on my dry legs, the product stained my sheets. This body oil got rave reviews on the Marianella website though, so worth a try? PS made in Brooklyn, NY which makes my heart flutter.

ThisWorks Deep Sleep Body Cocoon – $40

A body moisturizer that promotes sleep + calmness – count me in! I’ve been using this as a hand cream & WOW! My cracked hands are smooth and super hydrated – how clean is this product? Great question, fragrance is listed in the ingredients.. not so good – but I have struggled to find a clean hand cream.

Chic & Tonic Silicone Straws – $15

I love eco friendly & reusable products, straws especially! I just cleaned these with the brush cleaner that is included and not to sound dramatic, but it’s the best straw cleaner that I’ve found so far. Usually brush cleaners are flimsy + not very full, therefore not too promising that it’s actually scrubbing the straws clean, but A+! Aside from the quality of the set, I really love the colors too – so happy 🙂

Purlisse Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel – $35

This is probably the product that I’m least thrilled with & haven’t opened yet. As a clean beauty fanatic, I’ve very specific with the products that I put on my face – rightfully so. I’ve read reviews + watched some YouTube reviews on this polishing peel – a blogger pointed out that this product contains rough exfoliant particles hmmm not sure about it.

Do I recommend the Fab Fit Fun box?

Cassie Says… absolutely!

I really am pleasantly surprised with the contents of this subscription box. I’m glad that majority of the items were home products, kitchenware & apparel – I’m picky when it comes to skincare so amen, ain’t nobody got time for that as surprises.

If you want to try a free starter box {all you pay for is shipping}, all members can set up three friends with a sneak peek box [valued at $75 w/ 3-4 full size products] – don’t forget to cancel your account after or you’ll be automatically enrolled! Message me on the gram if you want to jump on the FFF train, I’ll send you a starter box ayyy. Want $10 off instead, click here!

*Not a #FabFitFunPartner, just a shopaholic – used my own $$ & this is my honest review*

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