The self care ritual that I got for $3.75

Have you heard of Barre3? It’s a fitness studio with a barre/pilates type workout that also happens to have retail items for sale too – from apparel to accessories, you can find some really great gifts for family, friends or even yourself!

Cassie, what did you find for $3.75, I love self care!?

No, a Barre3 membership isn’t $3.75, but during their Black Friday Sale I snagged a seriously amazing deal on the 52 Lists of Happiness book. They had 70% off the Barre3 shop {accessories, apparel, props & more}.

So do what I do best.. I browsed their website obviously and found one of the best deals EVER.

52 Lists of Happiness

One of nine books in Moorea Seal’s collection, 52 Lists of Happiness is a guided weekly journal to help you reflect and focus on the things in life that make you truly happy as well as a dose of inspiration, positivity, balance and joy.

It’s a beautifully put together keepsake journal that also makes a nice coffee table prop – filled with fun illustrations, photos and just so much dang character!

Originally $16.95, it was 70% off at the Barre3 online shop and then I also used my 30% off birthday coupon .. making the total cost $3.75! What a DEAL!

How to integrate the #52HappyLists into your week

My weekly self care routine, aside from the cocokind chlorphyll mask, is scribbling down my thoughts in the two Moorea Seal books that I have on my shelf.

On Sundays, I reflect in the 52 Lists Project book – which is more of a general list making journal to reflect on everyday type things.

Lists include things like “list the soundtrack of your life right now“, or “list the ways you can rejuvenate your space” and even location related reflection like “list your dream trips“.

On Wednesdays, midway through the week, I dive into ~ 52 Lists for Happiness ~ and reflect on the positivity & joy specific prompts that fill the pages. It’s a good way for me to slow down during hectic times + reflect on the positive things in my life that I don’t think about on the reg.

Prompts in the 52 Lists for Happiness include “list the things you like to do that don’t involve technology“, one of my faves “list the people who make you feel happy” and also “list the simple ways you enjoy being kind to others“.

A Visual Layout of the 52 Lists for Happiness

Cassie Says..

Moorea Seal’s books have really been so extremely beneficial to me over the last year or so.

She has an incredible way of creating unique prompts that will uplift your mood and contribute to clearing your mind. The prompts in The 52 Lists Project and 52 Lists of Happiness also guide you in reflecting on thoughts that you don’t necessarily always have in mind.

You can shop the entire series on her website, Target and even Amazon [free shipping holllaaa].

She also has a planner, which so far as been the best one I’ve ever purchased.. I’ll tell you more about that as 2020 continues!

Moorea Seal – you are brilliant.

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