Wear Silver Noir while you sip Pinot Noir

December is a time for celebration! With that also comes reflecting on the year and all that you have accomplished + toasting to the next 365 days with fresh ambitious goals. Skylar’s December scent really embodies this feeling, with a hint of the holidays packed into a travel sized roller ~ Silver Noir at your service.

Warm, sweet and sparkling – Silver Noir smells like a celebration in a bottle. With hints of champagne and orris flowers, this roller reflects a scent that will put you in the mood to get active with your end of the year goals, giving and family celebrations!

When you roll Silver Noir onto your wrists or forearms [don’t forget to pat, not rub, the scent from one arm to the other] I don’t think it instantly makes you think mmm Christmas! but, with the packaging it does scream HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With the flexibility to change, swap or cancel at any time – the Skylar Scent Club truly is the best! You can gift it to your bff, your mom, grandma or heck! even your daughter’s 1st grade teacher.

The Skylar Scent Club gets you new scents every month – they’re clean, hypoallergenic and yes, cruelty free!

One of the things that I love most about Skylar, is that they always have a feature, promo or sale on their website to make their products more affordable.

Right now, they’re featuring 50% off your first month as a scent club member when you enter MY50 at checkout! Throughout the holiday shopping season they’ve had other deals like a free hand cream or 30% off your entire order!

Whether Skylar is offering a deal on their website or not, you can always use my code CASSIE10 for 10% off all products, including the scent club subscription!

Treat yourself to a becoming an exclusive member of the club! Whether it’s this month or you nonchalantly make it part of your New Year’s resolution, it’s always a good idea to receive a monthly scent to your doorstep 🙂

CassieSays… the Skylar Scent Club has really killed it with their scent choices in 2019 – I know they’re going to knock it out of the park for 2020, so if you’re wondering if the Scent Club is worth it .. girrrrrlll it totally is!

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