Gift Guide: For Your Work BFF

Items with a * indicate that I will be rewarded if you make a purchase, thank you as always for your support – I love helping you find the best products!

Little Words Project Bracelet

A shareable, trackable bracelet! I ordered one for my two bffs last year & they absolutely loved it. Get a word that has a personal meaning to your friendship; boss babe, girl gang, grateful, inspire – you really can’t go wrong! And now they have a customize option all. year. long. so you can truly get any word you want in pretty beads for daily inspo!

Modern Picnic Lunchbox

The trendiest lunchbox you ever did see – made of vegan leather & shhh literally looks like a handbag {a lunchbox in disguise}! Get your work bff a chic way to carry her favorite snacks, salad or lunch to the office – gone are the days of plastic bags or clunky oversized tupperware ridin solo. The luncher is an absolute game changer!

Yes, I know it may seem a bit pricey – but when you add up how much you would spend on food if you ate out once or twice a week or how eco friendly it is over one time use plastic bags.. this is actually more budget friendly {and cute!}.

Use CP15 for 15% off your order ~

Londontown USA non toxic nail polish

All the ladies in the office know I’m obsessed with having my nails painted – but instead of making a group outing to the nail salon, swap out those chemical filled bottles for this 9-free, vegan luxe nail care.

Honestly, host a spa at your cubicle during lunch LOL no one will be even notice since that chemical stench you get when you use regular ol’ polish, won’t pollute the air.

Luxe is a Lifestyle is the perfect starter kit to get you rollin’ – then, for your bff’s birthday? Add a few new colors to her collection, my favorite is the kissed by rose gold.

Silk + Sonder Planner Subscription

I take my planner with me everywhere in the office – it sits on my desk all day, I bring it to meetings, brain storming sessions ~ you name it!

Commitphobia is so real with planners, so why choose one for the entire year, when you can actually get a new one each month to really allow yourself to narrow in on your focus!?

Even better – gift a 3 month subscription to a friend – CASSIE15 gets you 15% off!

Birch House Candles Reed Diffuser

People are very sensitive in the office when it comes to scents & smells. Sometimes a candle can be overpowering in a small space [ + dangerous ] to light at your desk and leave unattended when you run to a meeting – so why not get a reed diffuser?

Birch House Candles has so many scents you can choose from! There’s no doubt your coworkers will object to a beach scent in the middle of December, right? Tis’ the season for fresh pine!

When you shop via the Birch House Candle etsy shop, enjoy 20% off with CASSIE20 [ends December 19!].

Minted Personalized Backpack

Minted isn’t only the most amazing virtual marketplace that I ordered my holiday cards from, but they also have notebooks, planners, address books and now backpacks/toes that can be personalized!

I for one, bring way too many things to work, so I resort to a backpack. I’m sure I’m not alone here … so feel free to jump ahead & snag this canvas backpack for your work bff, who could also benefit from bringing one bag, instead of a purse AAANDD and a tote.. and whatever else!

If you join Minted More, like I did, you can get 20% off your orders all year! Not interested in that commitment? If you spend $100+, you can get $25 off by clicking here and using my referral, woo!


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