Tips for Hydrating Before & During Flights

Did you know that plane cabin air is drier than the desert? For those of us who live in Arizona, we’re thinking how could air be drier than here? But, yes, in-flight dry air beats all.

Instead of letting your skin suffer afterwards, plan ahead and hydrate your body & skin beforehand – you’ll thank me later!

Cocokind chlorophyll mask with golden elixir

Have you tried the chlorophyll mask from Cocokind? It’s a staple in my skincare routine – I use it every other night to balance out and tame my skin. It’s super gentle, but don’t be fooled, it gets the job done!

To give an extra kick of hydration to my skin the day before traveling, I mix the mask with Cocokind’s Golden Elixir. The nice thing about the chlorophyll mask is that you can choose the liquid base & tailor it directly to your skin’s needs.

  • Battling breakouts? Add the turmeric stick directly to the trouble area and then layer the chlorophyll mask on top – you can mix the mask with greek yogurt – sounds crazy I know, but it’s heavenly!
  • Brighten your dull skin by simply adding water. Adjust the thickness by adding more or less {more water = thinner mask = sensitive skin} {less water = thicker mask = more pack to the punch + also good for acne}.
  • For the ultimate hydration – use the cleansing oil or golden elixir! This is my personal favorite!
  • For balancing and to decrease puffiness, mix the chlorophyll with the ever famous & fabulous, rosewater toner.

Airborne in water – chug!

Before I fly, I make sure my vitamin intake is a bit heavier than usual. I like to drink Airborne Immune support a day or two before traveling.

Airborne is packed with vitamins and super high in antioxidants. When you’re surrounded by over 100 people in such a small space like an airplane or even a train, you need to prep your body for fighting off those germs.

Skip coffee

Instead of coffee, get matcha or drink a decaf tea!

I know, this sounds ridiculous – how does one survive a day without a dark roast? Believe it or not, coffee dehydrates you so much and it’s definitely something you want to skip before a day of travel. Coffee is a diuretic and works rapidly to dehydrate your body. It takes 4 to 6 hours for caffeine to wear off, so even drinking a cup early before your flight should be a no go.

The morning of your flight or as you run through the terminal, skip that cup of jo’ and wait until you get to your destination city to fuel up!

Bring a reusable water bottle

Hydrating in-flight is important too! Most airports have filtered water fountains where you can fill up for free – so although you can’t bring a full bottle of water with you, you sure can bring an empty reusable one. Then what? Fill it up when you get to the airport for sipping on during the flight!

Fruits & veggies with high water content

Do you pack snacks for your flight? For a while I had no clue you could even bring your own snacks with you through security. I figured it was like the movies where it’s frowned upon to byos..

But now that I know you have a green light for snacking, I bring granola bars, a bag of almonds, an apple – you name it. Look into snacks that multitask by providing you with some hydrating effects, not just filling your hunger needs. Watermelon and celery are great choices 🙂

Pack a LiquidIV

I got a huge bag of LiquidIV packets at Costco and dang these things are awesome! The packets have 3x the electrolytes than sports drinks and waaay less sugar, praise.

I typically drink one every other day, whether I’m traveling or not. The dry air in Arizona tends to dehydrate me quickly, so I try to get ahead of the mid workout leg cramps with some LiquidIV.

Sheet mask & eye gels

*Disclaimer: you may or may not look like a crazy person, but your skin will thank you. Bring your favorite sheet mask or eye gels with you for some fabulous in-flight relaxation!

Getting looks from people? They’re probably just jealous of you because their skin is gasping for hydration.

Matcha stick & rosewater toner spray

Feeling dry mid flight? Apply the cocokind matcha stick under your eyes and even on your lips! Follow up with the cocokind rosewater toner for a refresh.

Both products are my go to’s and you can find them sitting happily in my beauty cabinet.

Cassie Says..

Cassie Says… think smart when you travel! I’m a last minute packer – guilty – but when it comes to self care & traveling, I definitely plan ahead and you should too!

Need a essential oil wipe to clean the filthy tray table, I’m your girl. Freezing cold when they crank up the air? You bet my lulu vinyasa scarf converts into a cardigan!

Hydrating before a flight isn’t just a good idea, it’s a must. No one wants to get to their destination feeling groggy, tired or so parched that they’re diving for water immediately when they check in at the hotel.

Be smart, travel smart – hydrate!

Shop & save with discounts

If you want to stock up on any of the products I mentioned use the codes below. I don’t make commission off any of them {Follain does do product rewards & eventually my own personalized code woo}, I mainly am here to help you save $$ because I too like to save.

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