Clean Beauty Nighttime Routine

Every great skincare routine starts with one word – Cocokind.

The holy grail for simple, amazing clean beauty. Seriously, what other brand do you know that has a serum for $18, free of junk and actually works to make your skin GLOWWWW…

Seven steps, in order, y’all ready for this?

Oat to Milk Cleanser

Far left, in the orange tube is the oil to milk cleanser – fun fact: the tube is made of sugarcane & are BPA free, heavy metal free and FDA approved for food contact .. woooah!

I just recently added this cleanser to my routine about a month ago. The whole idea behind it is that it’s gentle enough to not strip your skin, but gets the job done.

Starts out as an oil – rub a dime sized amount into wet hands and apply to a dry face {interesting I know}. The key is to rub the cleanser on your face for 30 seconds & voila, you have yourself a milky cleansing consistency! Hence the name, oil to milk.

Overall thoughts? I personally like a very foamy, sudsy cleanser – I think it subconsciously makes me feel like my skin is truly getting clean and eliminating all the gunk built up under my pores. I’m still going through the do I like this cleanser or am I using this incorrectly phase – so stay tuned on my gram for further updates. I might just ix nay this one from my routine, we’ll see.. but I definitely love the unique process and the sweet scent of oats.

Sea Moss Exfoliator

Next up, the sea moss exfoliator!

Did you know that if you don’t exfoliate, your makeup & all other face products will literally just sit on top of your skin – much like when you clog your shower drain and the water just sits there & literally can’t move, yup strange comparison, but you can visualize the importance of an exfoliator from that right?

At first, I thought this product was too soft. When I poured the sea moss into my hand, I thought to myself this is waaaay too smooth, there’s no way it’ll exfoliate my skin. Well jokes on me because once you rub it onto your face, you can feel it it gently exfoliate but without that terrifying ripping feeling.

A dime sized amount in your palm with a teaspoon of water [the less water the better in my opinion, it creates a better paste to use on your face] – rub it all over your face for a good 60 seconds and then rinse it all off.

It’s made with similar ingredients as the OTM cleanser because I right away smell the grapeseed flour and it’s scrumptious!

*Gentle enough to use 3-4 times per week

Chlorophyll Mask

I am wholeheartedly obsessed with the chlorophyll mask. This was actually the first Cocokind product that I purchased – shout out to my friend Arianna for ordering it for me through her Thrive account – and I’ve been gushing over it since!

I use 1.5 scoops to make a nice thick mask – I wish this little paddle was a scooper, but allll gooood

The best thing about this mask is that YOU choose the base liquid. I’ve used greek yogurt {yes you read that correctly}, rosewater toner, the golden elixir, a bit of the OTM cleanser – but I do mainly mix the mask with water to brighten & boost my complexion. Another product you can use multiple times a week – I usually use it every other day. Currently basking in it as I write this blog post 🙂

Cocokind suggests that you let it sit on your face for 10-20+ minutes, so I’ll do laundry or catch up on Riverdale usually while this miracle whip soaks into my skin.

beauty tip: adjust the thickness of your mask based on your skin’s need. a thinner mask (more water and less powder) is great for sensitive skin. a thicker mask (less water and more powder) is great over breakout areas.

beauty tip #2: we love applying the turmeric spot treatment over certain areas, and then layering our chlorophyll mask over that.

Rosewater Toner

The rosewater toner seems to be one of Cocokind’s most well known products. It seems like most people associate rosewater with self care, but most bottles sold by other brands aren’t always filled with the best ingredients – cue every retailer trying to create face mists filled with probably 5% rosewater and 95% chemicals.

Cocokind uses 100% pure rosewater hydrosol- yes, the only ingredient is rosewater – that’s how it should be!

There’s a few different ways you can use the rosewater toner. On a cotton pad + swipe it across your face {that’s how I use it}, spritz directly on your face and let it soak in, as a makeup setting spray or as a midday refresh.

Whatever you choose, you’ll love it & I promise you that!

Glow Essence

Shortly after I got this one, they reinvented the spray nozzle, so it’s more of a mist when it comes out – this bottle spritzer really kicks a punch

The glow essence smells a bit like a bottle of Sprite in my opinion, literally brings me back to my childhood – but don’t worry, there’s no similarity of ingredients between the two, I just have a weird nose…

Made with all certified organic ingredients like chamomile, sea buckthorn, rosemary and eucalyptus – the essence prevents skin dehydration, improves elasticity and allows for maximum absorption of your serum + moisturizer.

Spray a spritz or two on your face & then pat, pat, pat it in.

Vitamin C Serum

Now that I just ran out, I’m going to use this dropper to add the perfect amount of water to the ‘mix’ when I make my chlorophyll masks

So this one is in competition with the chlorophyll mask as my favorite product, because holy moly.

A drop on each cheek and then another patting motion to activate it, the vitamin c serum boosts hydration levels & evens out your skin tone. Talk about glowy – WOW.

My friends have complimented my skin since adding this to my routine and I SWEAAR I’ll never look back.

This 1 oz bottle lasted me exactly two months {crying, I need a refill} – using it in the morning and at night!

The smell of this one might also be my favorite – the ingredients say grapefruit, but I smell orange [all in the same fruit fam] and I absolutely LOVE it.

Golden Elixir

This one I was most nervous about. Slapping a thick oil onto my face sounded like a nightmare waiting to happen…

I have combination skin & sometimes, it can be a little more on the sensitive side – so would my pores clog up like NYC traffic when I applied this one?

The answer is no, my skin is doing a-okay! I actually haven’t had any break outs since adding this to my routine, which just goes to show, you should always try new things without hesitation!

Very interesting product because aside from your face, you can also use this on your body & hair for max hydration.

*CassieSays tip* don’t apply the golden elixir near your scalp – you will look like a grease ball even if you just washed your hair that morning {yes, this advice is from experience}, apply it lightly to the ends of your hair!

Random thing to add, because ~ keepin it real ~ at first, I thought the Golden Elixir smelt like pickles – buutttt 1. I love pickles 2. I got used to it

Purpose of this product if you haven’t already figured it out? Hydration!

Obsessed is an understatement!

Yellow price labels at Whole Foods means you get an extra 20% off as an Amazon Prime member – download the WF apps to save $$

Cassie Says.. if you know what’s good for your soul & for your skin, stock up your beauty cabinet with Cocokind. Not only is it extremely affordable [college students, entry level peeps, you name it – girl skip the Starbs for a week & you can snag this instead], but it really does wonders for your skin.

The fewer the ingredients in your products, that goes for food too, the BETTER!

I just can’t say enough wonderful things about this brand. Priscilla, the CEO, and her crew are just so incredible.

*CassieSays shopping tip* aside from shopping through their website, you can also get Cocokind products at Whole Foods {& use your 20% Amazon Prime discount}, on Follain’s website {ref15_bqv893 for 15% off}, Amazon, Thrive Market, Target and even local boutiques if you’re lucky enough to live in a clean beauty community.

& that’s my nighttime skincare routine in a nutshell! Do you follow any of the same steps?

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