The Sweet Scent of October

October has been a huge month for Skylar scents, the female founded company that is trailblazing the way for clean, natural perfumes and body care. From their Scent of the Month from the almighty #SkylarScentClub to the newest collection released, I’m so proud to be a Skylar customer and to work with them in showing off all their latest and greatest.

October Scent – Fall Cashmere

As always, use CASSIE10 to save 10% on all Skylar products

For the month of October, Fall Cashmere was the featured limited edition scent. With hints of vanilla, roasted almond and ginger – Fall Cashmere is the perfect intro to crunchy leaves, apple cider & warm sweaters.

Fall Cashmere is definitely one of my top five favorite Skylar scents. Why? Because I love that when you smell it, you right away know what season the scent is inspired by. With one swipe of the roller, you can smell the spiced, yet creamy fragrance of fall at your fingertips. I admire that Skylar delivers a wholesome scent without adding any harmful ingredients and also staying true to being cruelty-free.

For the month of October, Skylar has dedicated to donating a portion of all proceeds from the scent club to Breast Cancer Care & Research Fund to help eradicate breast cancer through education, research and advocacy! Shine on Skylar 🙂

Body Bundle – Hydrating Body Lotion & Wash

$36 when you use CASSIE10 at checkout yip yip yippee

Aside from the fabulous scent club, Skylar unveiled two new highly requested products this month – the hydrating body lotion and body wash. The lovely ladies of Skylar were kind enough to gift the body bundle to me and to paint a picture of how much I loved it – I’m 3/4 of the way through both of them already …

The lotion and body wash can be ordered together {& you’ll save $12} or you can dip your toes in one by one and try one at a time – your call! They’re available in the four classic Skylar scents – Isle, Meadow, Capri and Coral – the perfect base foundation for layering a spritz of any of the limited edition rollers on top.

What is layering? Layering is putting on one scent, followed by another, to create a new, delicious and totally unique fragrance. Dabble on some Isle body lotion, which will give you all the island vibes + notes of fresh, ocean water, followed by a spritz of fruity coral maybe? I like the Isle + Fall Cashmere combo – you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

What is my favorite thing about the lotion and body wash? Both are so dang hydrating! They’re power packed with nutrients, antioxidants and are light, not greasy. There’s nothing worse than a lotion that leaves you feeling like you have to keep your arms and legs from touching anything until it soaks in. Skin quenching > everything.

Cassie Says… Skylar’s products are top notch. They’re clean, hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. As a customer/total hype girl for their company, I feel valued by their entire team – my reviews and opinions really seem to mean something {hence these new products. They listen to their customer reviews and make it happen!}.

They also just recently launched a hand cream. This Arizona gal needs all the nourishment her dry skin can get these days!

If you order from Skylar, let me know what you think & get 10% off with CASSIE10 {I don’t benefit at all from the code, I’m just happy to help you save monayyy $$}!

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