Costco Haul – The Best Things to Get

Some people are obsessed with Target, others favor HomeGoods – but catch me at Costco on a Friday night with a big smile on my face (and a cart full of the best deals in town!)

It’s no secret that Costco has some of the best sales and deals ~ lemme tell ya, you really get a bang for your buck.

But for those of us who aren’t there to feed an entire family or prep for a large event [me], Costco is best for stocking up on non-perishables and clothes. When buying stuff at Costco, mostly everything is sold in mega large sizes or bulk – so carve out some space in your pantry or garage to store the extra large box of cereal you aren’t ready for yet, but couldn’t resist that came in a two pack.

I usually wait a few weeks until I have a full list of Costco needs – this way, I’m not going just to browse and toss things in my cart; although I end up doing that anyway…

If you’ve never shopped at Costco, shame on you and prepare to be amazed.

The Best Things to Get at Costco

The green price sign indicates organic

Organic Cinnamon at Costco: 10.7 oz for $2.99

Organic Cinnamon at other stores (Amazon): 2.08 oz for $7.18

I use cinnamon in a lot of recipes. A great addition to chia pudding, overnight oats, protein balls and even tea.

The possibilities are endless, especially when you can get such a huge container of it for less than the price of a grande cup of coffee at Starbs.

Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk at Costco: 6 cartons of 32 oz for $5.79

Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Silk at Target – One 32 oz carton: $1.99 – to buy 6 -> $11.94

I’ve been trying my best to transition away from dairy/cow’s milk, thankfully, this almond milk has made it a lot easier!

I pour this unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my chia pudding, overnight oats, AM cereal and on occasion, in my coffee or matcha tea. So DELISH!

Organic Sencha Naturals Matcha Powder, 12 oz at Costco: $19.99

Organic Matcha Powder on Sencha Naturals Website – 1 lb – $54.50

I’ve been itching to get my own bag of matcha powder to make tea at home, but it’s SO expensive.

Talk about meant to be when I saw this huge bag at Costco. The serving size to make one (1) cup of matcha tea is 1/2 tsp (but I do a full tsp), so I have a feeling this bag will last a few months, SCORE!

A fun fact that I didn’t realize to do, {since I watch them scoop my matcha at Starbs from the containers that sit on the counter}, refrigerate to preserve freshness!

Liquid IV at Costco, 30 packets: $28.99

Liquid IV on their own website, 32 packets: $40.00

Since moving to Arizona, I’ve been hydrating like you wouldn’t believe, BUT I don’t like to drink sports drink {which do have electrolytes} because they have too much dang sugar for my liking.

Well friends, you have to get your electrolytes some other way… these will do the trick! 3x the hydration as one water bottle.

Three colors – tan, burgundy and teal

Pendleton Fuzzy Zip Up Coat at Costco: $19.97

Similar Pendleton Fuzzy Zip Up Coat on their website: $159.00

I didn’t pack a coat when I moved to the Southwest.

It’ll be hot, I don’t need one.

With fall approaching, I’ve been shocked when I wake up early in the morning to run & my Apple Watch weather indicates 68 degrees (that’s chilly for Arizona, since the temperature typically gets up to 105 during the day).

So I knew Costco would have my back with an affordable, yet chic coat. This Pendleton one caught my eye right away – I have another fuzzy looking button up jacket back east.

As I was trying it on, another lady walked up to the display and gasped.

“I saw the lady who flips houses with that man wearing this brand on tv today!”

She was referring to Tarek and Christina, I would’ve had a freak attack if she didn’t know Chip and Joanna’s names 🙂

Chaser Button Thermal at Costco: $12.99

Similar Chase Thermal on their website: $75.00

I’m a sucker for plain long sleeve shirts and thermals. For any of wellness gals who work out at fitness studios like Pure Barre, Barre 3 or a local yoga studio, you’ll recognize this brand.

Chaser apparel has some cute tops, sweatshirts and joggers that seem to always be ahead of the trends.

With three different colors to choose from {cream, teal and black} I was in a predicament of which one to pick!! I went with the cream since that seems to be a season neutral color – at least I think so.

I also have the same shirt, without the buttons, but hey the buttons make it a totally different top!

Perfect for casual Friday at work, football game day or pumpkin picking – it also runs true to size!

Cassie Says…

Costco is just about the greatest store ever.

What other store can you get produce, furniture, home decor, cleaning supplies, cakes, baked goods, alcohol, books, clothes, shoes, eyeglasses, gas, prescriptions, beach chairs, entertainment centers, mattresses, snacks, party platters and so so much more all in one spot at a discounted price.

The answer is no where!

Costco is da best – better than Sam’s Club and BJ’s, so don’t be fooled if someone tries to convince you otherwise!

*CassieSays tip* do not go shopping on Saturdays or Sunday mornings, you will definitely bump carts with 300 other people who are there stocking up for the week.

I know we all fill our carts to the brim when shopping, but random thought – should Costco make half sized carts for easier turning mobility around the crowded corners to avoid collision – just a thought? Costco, am I onto something?

Happy Shopping xo

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