Discover your inner peace with Skylar’s September Scent

Say adios to summer (tears literally sos) and hello to fall fragrances! The sweet smell of crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice and football season are here people!! I am truly a summer gal, but fall has my heart too. Toss me a pumpkin spice cold brew & the Skylar exclusive Wanderlust scent and I’m ready to dominate the day!

As a shopaholic, the thrill of getting a package in the mail is like Christmas morning. I’m basically a giddy 7 year old excited to see what’s under the tree, but instead, waiting by my mailbox to check out the new scent of the month … eeek! Being a member of the Skylar Scent Club is the gift that keeps on giving & I must say, the September scent is especially delightful.

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Wanderlust – fall in a bottle

Have you ever seen the movie Parent Trap? This is literally what I envision it smelled like when they were bunked up at sleep away camp. Tucked away in the forest, surrounded by nature, a campfire and some good ol’ adventure [not to mention, running into your twin sister from across the world]. A woody, smoky fragrance, Wanderlust, represents the sweet aroma of September to kick off the fall.

Wanderlust smells bold, -slightly- masculine but in a good way & not too strong. Does that make sense? You have to smell it to catch my drift!

Wanderlust {named this as it will bring a sense of calm to your day} is a blend of papyrus, violet leaves and virginia cedar. I’ve never been to Oregon, but this is what I assume it smells like there – forest and trees everywhere.

How and where to apply a roller perfume

Most fragrances or perfumes are meant to be sprayed on your wrists or neck. This is absolutely the same concept with the Skylar roller perfume. I like to roll the scent onto my inner forearms as well as the sides of my neck. Skylar blends are even gentle enough to layer right on your clothes, so sometimes I put it on my shirt near my armpits too (TMI?) … just saying.

But how long does the scent last?

What I love about Skylar Scents is that they’re long lasting. I put a generous amount on at 7AM and I still am surprised by it’s aroma by dinner time. The key to a fantastic fragrance are the scent notes- long lasting, durable and clean ingredients… this one has it all! One of the many reasons the Skylar Scent Club is the best. thing. ever.

Cassie Says… if you’re in the market for a fresh new fragrance for the fall, but you aren’t sure where to start – subscribe to the #SkylarScentClub. You will become a part of a community of women (+men) who care about what’s in their products and won’t settle for a perfume filled with chemicals. Besides, it’s exciting to receive something new each month, which also allows you to always have a new scent to choose from!

If you love to shop as much as me, use CASSIE10 for 10% off anything you order from Skylar. Why pay full price, when you can get a discount!?

Happy Shopping!

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