SPF Every. Single. Day

For those of you who have read my most recent post, a little over a month ago, I moved from the beaches of the Northeast to the dry deserts of Arizona. {Check it out if you haven’t!} But anyway, yes, I do miss the sun and sand of the Jersey beaches, but there’s plenty of sunshine to go around here. Did you know there is an average of 286 days of sun in Tucson, AZ? YUP I basically moved to where my soul belongs.

With sunshine comes one very important thing – sunscreen.

3 Facts about Vitamin D as told by Supergoop

Supergoop is my most recent skincare obsession this summer. Holly Thaggard and her team have created an incredible collection of products all with one very important thing in common; yes they’re clean & amazing, but they also contain spf! Allow me to educate you on three fun facts that Supergoop posted about recently on the gram that’s totally worth sharing:

  • It only takes about 10 minutes of sun exposure to get your daily dose.
  • SPF 50 will never protect you from 100% of the sun’s rays, so it’s not totally keeping you from the Vitamin D you need – aka apply it.
  • You can also get it from your diet! Salmon, mushrooms and eggs are all great sources.

Thank you Supergoop! Who would’ve thought that eating mushrooms can give you similar health benefits as soaking up the sun.. *pours 2 cups of mushrooms into my omelet in the morning*

Unseen Sunscreen with SPF 40

As a Tucsonian now, I’m constantly exposed to the sunshine – I swear, the sun feels closer to the earth here and it totally shines brighter than on the east coast. So it’s vital that I always wear sunscreen, keep sunscreen in my purse and reapply it whenever necessary!

Luckily, Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen is a powerful punch in a bottle that does more than just protect your skin, it’s creates a flawless finish too! Unseen Sunscreen should be worked in as the final step in your skincare routine in the morning.

I personally don’t use any products in the AM besides a moisturizer, so I dab on my Trader Joe’s fragrance free gel moisturizer [allow that to soak in] and then apply a dime sized amount of Unseen Sunscreen. It acts as an SPF 40 first of course and also does a dang good job as a makeup primer. Praise be.

What makes Unseen Sunscreen so amazing?

Well I’m glad you asked! It’s weightless, scentless and goes on completely translucent. No more turning to your bff and saying “is it all rubbed in?” because girllll she’ll have no clue what you’re even talking about, it’s that magical.

This 1.7 oz of goodness is packed with ingredients like red algae, frankincense and apparently a complex derived from meadowfoam seed (?). Idk about that last part, but it increases hydration levels and I’ll attest to that because my skin has been the furthest thing from dry – can I get an amen!?

Cassie Says… protect your skin, you only get one body to live in and your skin is your biggest organ! If you take care of your body, it’ll do the same in return for you. I used to avoid SPF and instead, lather on tanning oil to get that ~bronzed glow~. Call it ‘getting older’ or maybe just getting a tad bit wiser, but healthy skin with minimal wrinkles in my future is WAY better than a temporary summer glow.

If you want to dive deeper into all the benefits that SPF can do through Supergoop products, follow them on Insta – their team is very active and they even host events that you can attend! Pssst come to Tucson, Holly! You can also check out their blog; 5 Myths about Tanning That You Should Stop Believing had me shook…

Supergoop, you rock.

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