Decorating your apartment on a budget

This Jersey girl has officially moved west to the desert.

So what do you do when you are moving from one side of the country, to the entirely opposite end and don’t feel like it’s completely necessary {yet, you did think twice about it } to lug all your cute decor (“junk” as dad describes it) with you to your new humble abode.

You figure out how to ball on a budget. Say it with me – all hail Pinterest.

Places to shop for furniture

I was under the impression that I would get all my furniture from Walmart. Decent prices that will last a few years, right? But as I browsed more, I didn’t see anything that really intrigued me or that was even worth $10. Such a bummer.

$129 for table and 4 chairs from Ikea – easy to assemble!

So after a few days of searching/reading customer reviews {I salute you people who write some very thorough ratings}, my parents and I made the 1.5 hour trip north to Ikea… it was worth every minute. I furnished just about my entire apartment for under $300.

Ikea for reliable furniture

Really hit the jackpot at Ikea:

  • Lack Coffee table – $14.99 (on sale)
  • (2) Lack bedroom side tables – $4.99 each (on sale)
  • Lunnarp Living room end table – $39.99
  • Brusali TV unit – $69.99
  • Jokkmokk Dining room set – table and 4 chairs – $129

{thank you 4th of July deals!}

I searched for a couch, but it wasn’t meant to be from Ikea. We heard about a discount furniture store in the area called Sam Levitz. This beauty from there was just under $400.

Places to shop for decor

Honestly, I spend most of my day browsing through Pinterest boards, regardless if I’m shopping for an actual purpose or not – thankfully this time I was a girl on a mission! Operation furnish an entire apartment without breaking the bank…

Step 1 – pick a theme.

From stalking a few Pinterest inspo boards, I had an idea of what I was looking for. I didn’t want to spend my entire first paycheck on home decor before I even stepped foot in the office…

Ikea – furniture, vases, rugs and more

L – R ; crystal from a local farmer’s market, vase from Ikea, framed metal from Bed, Bath and Beyond, plant from Walmart – all under $10 each

Aside from the furniture I got at Ikea, I snagged a vase for my fireplace mantle, a table tray and two woven rugs for the living room.

Get creative! See a vase for $2.99? (like this one). Take it home if it fits your color scheme and find a space for it when you get there! Doesn’t hurt to have an extra vase for when you’re feeling spontaneous in the Trader Joe’s floral section…

Walmart – faux plant selection on point

Next up, Walmart, which didn’t disappoint. I got a few fake plants (under $10 each) and the cactus accent pillow ($14.99).

{tries to blend in like I’ve lived here all my life with cactus items}

Michael’s Craft Store – seasonal fun decor

I was feeling good about my shopping and then I went to Michael’s Craft Store and it got even better! I found more plants and a tiny adirondack chair {decor, not life-sized of course} to bring a piece of the NJ beaches with me to the desert.

Hobby Lobby – hit the clearance section, first!

It just gets better from here, Hobby Lobby is the real MVP. I went back two days in a row and 99% sure the employees recognized me and were concerned with my shopping addiction… it’s okay ladies and gents, I’m shopping on a budget!

Please ignore the many tv/cable wires …
“C” and pink balls were all under $2 each from Hobby Lobby – plant from Walmart for $7.99

When in doubt, Amazon

Last but not least, I ordered this macrame banner from Amazon and hung it above my couch. My walls are textured – so the struggle was so real to find command strips that stayed put; but these clear hooks did the trick.

Should I order temporary wallpaper to give some character to one of my bedroom walls?

Macrame was $21 and such good quality! Cactus pillow is from Walmart

Why replace it, when you can ship it

With the remaining items that I didn’t feel like I needed/wanted to repurchase such as my Keurig and essential oil diffuser, my dad shipped those out to me.

Cassie Says…

Take your time shopping around to find the best deals. Most of my wall decor I got for 75% off the original price at Hobby Lobby or Bed, Bath and Beyond.

*Tip* I often find better deals when I shop in-store, as opposed to online. Don’t forget you can use more than one Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon and if you have an IKEA family club card, you can get more discounts at the register!

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