Kick off summer with these two scents

The Skylar Scent Club is the gift that keeps on giving ~ seriously! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, all members of the Scent Club receive an exclusive fragrance each month released only for members, delivered right to your door. It’s like Amazon Prime, but even more amazing! Shopping subscriptions are brilliant.

With 4th of July in just about 24 hours, it’s no secret that summer is in full swing, including summer discounts and deals! *CassieSays insider tip: Skylar is offering 20% site wide until 7/7 with code FOURTH – excluding the scent club, but CASSIE10 will get you 10% off the scent club, so don’t fret 🙂

Warmer weather also means summer trends are here & Skylar doesn’t disappoint with the two scents that were already released since the start of bathing suit season…

Golden Glow

Golden Glow is the perfect trio of tropical, radiant and warm. With notes of amber, coconut and jasmine, this fragrance featured for the month of June is the beach in a bottle! I’ve been wearing this scent on repeat | it has to be my all time favorite – I am a total beach bum, so it’s fitting.

My coworker told me I smelt like a coconut when I walked past her … thank you, that is the best compliment I’ve heard all year!

For newbies, Skylar scents are all clean, hypoallergenic and cruelty free. The fragrance consists of a blend of essential oils, instead of harmful chemicals. In Golden Glow you can expect to smell the sweet aroma of cedarwood, citrus lemon peel, coriander fruit, grapefruit, orange peel and ylang ylang. It’s basically heaven in a bottle with a fun reminder on the packaging to take in the sun and stay golden.

CASSIE10 gets you 10% off all Skylar products

Salt Air

Salt Air is July’s scent and for good reason… the notes are driftwood, sea salt and seaweed! Instead of an overwhelming scent of the sun and sand for those who aren’t beach fanatics like me, this month’s scent reminds me of what you would spritz on your skin after a long day in the sun.

Perfect for post-beach days with salty hair and sun-kissed skin; add a refreshed spritz of Salt Air on your way to dinner on the water (so detailed, can you tell I spend every minute of the summer on the beach).

July’s scent – Salt Air!

Salt Air is a sweet feminine scent, but my dad even said this was his favorite! It’s subtle, but still has enough power to last throughout the day.

I have this one and Golden Glow with me in my bag all the time, especially when I travel – they pair nicely and can even be layered to create a new beachy fresh scent. Two in one!

I love how friendly these scents are to every nose. Never once have I showed my bffs one of my Skylar scents and they haven’t loved it too! As mentioned, they’re perfect for traveling and you can toss them right into your bag or carry on since they meet TSA standards ~ only 0.33 fl oz, which is plenty to last you through the bulk of the summer if you roll it on daily!

Cassie Says… if you want to take the beach around with you in a bottle and also smell like the sun & sand – these scents will be the best thing to hit your cabinet all summer!

Join the scent club and get access each month to stellar delicious bottles of perfume goodness like these too, you won’t regret it! OH and don’t pay full price, CASSIE10 will get you 10% off.

**BIG NEWS that just launched yesterday! Skylar scents are now available at Sephora!

Happy shopping, happy 4th and summer stay forever!

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