Skin so glowy in 1, 2, 3!

I’m the type of person that connects smell, songs, clothes – basically everything with a memory! I guess that makes me quite the visionary, right?!

So when ULIV skincare sent me their Oil Cleanser and Hydrating Serum to complete the Golden Glow Trio of their product line, I instantly took in the aromas and connected them with…

The ULIV Oil Cleanser

Packed with organic turmeric, lemon and fennel – the oil cleanser smells just like my turmeric wake up shot that I throw back to start the day! Health is wealth.

I’ve been a big fan of double cleansing lately (*massaging oil/balm on your dry face to lift the dirt and makeup from the skin, followed by a foaming cleanser).

Directions: massage 1-2 pumps onto face. *CassieSays tip* 1 pump is plenty! Let it sit on your skin for a few minutes. In the meantime? Brush your teeth, take out your contacts, whatever is part of your nightly routine! Wash off the oil cleanser with a washcloth soaked in warm water … and voila! Watch your skin begin to glow, glow, glow with step 1 of the trio!

Next step…

Hydrating Serum

A finalist in the 2019 beauty short list awards, half a pump of this serum (directions advise 1-2, but I find the consistency to be rather thick) will send you toward nourishing, antioxidant goodness!

Call me crazy, but this serum smells exactly like fireball. Could it be the ginger, organic cinnamon oil or frankincense that gives this golden glow serum the scent of the beloved cinnamon sweet treat? Try it for yourself!

With half a pump of this oil – rub your hands together to warm it up and then gently dab the serum onto your forehead, cheeks, nose and neck. I avoid my chin area, since I am very prone to breakouts, so I avoid it with almost all skincare products… sos.

My mom is a huuuge fan of this sweet little bottle which is step 2 in the Golden Glow trio!

And finally – the golden rule I’ve preached in a previous post, never forget your moisturizer!

Facial Souffle

The facial souffle is no stranger to my readers! The manuka honey, organic turmeric and green tea filled moisturizer put me in a delicious trance a few months ago! My skin has been absolutely glowing ever since…

Similar to the serum, ya girl only needs a very small amount of this moisturizer to get the job done. The plant-based ingredients are so powerful, you don’t want to overdo it.

Thank goodness for the fabulous people at ULIV for blessing my skincare shelf with the other members of the facial souffle’s tribe. Blesssed. I love how quick and easy this three step process is.

Cassie Says…

Have you ever noticed when you consume healthy, natural, whole foods – your body and mindset are instantly improved. The same goes for your skin when you use products that are clean and good for you!

The ingredients and products that you put on your body can be such a game changer for your health and well-being. With ULIV skincare, you know that you are getting high quality, plant-based ingredients, that your skin will love ~ as opposed to the mystery items that you can barely pronounce on other labels.

Take a step in the right direction! See what the hype is all about with this organic, vegan, cruelty free, paraben and sulfate free skincare.

I must know…

How do ULIV?

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