The girl guide to a purpose driven life

Every morning, I listen to podcasts – lately it has been The SHE Podcast hosted by the lovely Jordan Lee Dooley. When I found out Jordan was writing a book, Own Your Everyday, I knew I had to add it to my summer book list!

*I received an Advance Reader Copy from WaterBrook and Multnomah* woo!

I was about to pre-order it (just to be sure I received the book the day it released, like any other crazed reader – drum roll.. which is today! May 14!) when I noticed Jordan posted on her insta about a book launch team. I filled out the application and what do ya know? I was accepted and added to a community of over 1.8k ladies on Facebook that happen to live by the same mantra as myself and Jordan, own your everyday. Yes, over 1,800 women all coming together to support Jordan and her quest to motivate women in a unique way. Amazing.

Own Your Everyday book available on May 14

Put your hands together and click “order” on Amazon, Own Your Everyday has been named the “Best Book to Read to Become a Better Person in 2019” by Inc. Magazine. It’s written in Jordan’s perspective, sorta like a glimpse into her personal journal or even a one-on-one text conversation with her, as she motivates you to overcome the pressures of what society leads you to think that you need to accomplish by a certain age, a specific milestone or pinpoint your purpose based on a preconceived idea. *Spoiler – it’s up to you to decide what your purpose in life entails!

To be transparent, I did love how casually it was written, but the word “sister” was used a tad more than necessary, which I hope doesn’t restrict the audience – but I swear that’s my only complaint!

The purpose of this purposeful book

The pages are filled with motivating words and quotes that make it feel like Jordan is reaching out and quite literally shaking you to help you notice your true potential.

Do you ever sit around – either at work or even in your free time on the weekends – and think to yourself what is my purpose in life? You’re not alone and that is why Jordan wrote this book; to express to women (and guys too!) that you don’t have to be completely aware of what you were put on this Earth to accomplish, as you take on life’s adventures, you’ll discover that purpose.

She wrote this book to help every woman overcome the pressure to prove, so they can show up for what they were meant to do.

Favorite quotes from the book

With a cup of coffee & plenty of cringe worthy pollen surrounding me and covering the trees (okay, covering just about everything in sight) I sat outside on my patio on Saturday morning and breezed through the book.

Here’s a quick, yet powerful preview of what you can expect:

  • We’ll miss who we’re made to be when we focus on what we think we’re supposed to be”.
  • “I soon came to found out that life is so much better when we stop trying to fit in or find our place and instead step out, welcome others, and give them a place at the table – even if they’re 1,000 percent different from us.”
  • “Own up to your insecurities. Acknowledge they exist, and then take action for how you’ll deal with them at the root.”
  • Perhaps the broken pieces that come with disappointment, frustration, and failure prepare us for a purpose we couldn’t have dreamed up on our own. Maybe they’re the very things we need.”

And with that, I challenge you to own your everyday.

Whatever that means to you.

It could mean posting a makeup-less selfie, with your hair messy + not brushed, right when you wake up, to prove that not everyone needs to be dolled up all the time.

Or it could be taking on a new hobby that you think can lead you to your purpose; like volunteering with a non-profit once a month… psst. pick Girls on the Run if you take that path!

Cassie Says… a simple solution? Order this book! You won’t regret it. Plain & simple.

2 thoughts on “The girl guide to a purpose driven life

  1. I love your style and post! This book truly is a quick but powerful read. I can’t wait for more people to read it.


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