Clean Skincare Selfie

What do you have overflowing in your skincare cabinet? I love to try new products, but of course that can get a bit pricey. A Cassie Says hack? Purchase travel sized products so that you spend 1/4 of the price and it gives you the chance to try it for a week or two, before officially adding it to your shelf.

Right now, I’m really loving ACURE, Primally Pure, Cocokind and Weleda.

I only use clean, non-toxic and chemical free skincare (&makeup), so I rely heavily on the EWG app. The EWG app, which stands for Environmental Working Group, scores products based on how healthy and safe they are for your skin and body. Download it on your phone, but beware you’ll be hooked and amazed at how many “popular” products are actually really horrible for you! Eeek!

And with that…

Welcome to my clean skincare shelfie!

Cassie Says… what are your favorite clean skincare products? Comment below and let me know!

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