It’s May! Time for vintage rosé

May I tell you how much I just absolutely love this month’s limited edition Skylar scent? Sweet, crisp and bubbly – Skylar released its next scent to all members of the exclusive scent club and it has me absolutely dreaming of a relaxing day at the vineyard, feet up, cheese platter in hand with my girlfrans. Vintage Rosé aka Vol 02 of the scent club is a sweet reminder of how absolutely amazing this monthly membership is!

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With notes of rose, raspberry and freesia – this chemical-free roller is delish, for lack of a better word! When you take the lid off, you instantly smell the vivid essence of raspberry + even a hint of vanilla. Casually dowsing myself in this every morning before work. Similar to last month’s scent, you can layer this roller with other Skylar scents – Meadow & Arrow for a feminine and captivating aura.

May Mantra: celebrate your inner strength

Clean Ingredients

Curious what makes Vintage Rosé smell so darn fab? The ingredients, which are free of harmful toxins, are listed on the Skylar website as well as on the packaging. Transparency at it’s best..

  • Organic sugar cane alcohol denat.
  • Water
  • Blackcurrant
  • Patchouli
  • Rose
  • Vanilla
  • Parfum (Skylar’s own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils)

May’s Mantra

This month, the focus is to celebrate your inner strength. This beautiful reminder is printed on the inside spine, as well as on the book mark that comes with each shipment of your monthly scent. So perfectly paired and seems to have been destined for my May read, Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley.

The story behind this mantra gives me all the feelz – it explains the beauty behind the friendship of two women, who support each other through everything, unconditionally. Do you have a bff in your life that you couldn’t imagine your life without as you go through the ups and downs? I bet she’d love to join you on this Skylar Scent Club journey!

This May, as we cheers to the wonderful mommas in our lives on Mother’s Day, it is also a great time to take a moment and appreciate ALL of the inspirational women in our lives too! Girl power is sooo real – let’s keep it vibrant!

Skylar gives back in the community

With Mother’s Day in mind, it’s fitting that a portion of the proceeds from Skylar purchases this month will benefit Baby2Baby which provides children & mothers living in poverty with the necessities they need such as diapers and clothing. Rock on Skylar ladies, you are amazing as usual and changing the world one delightfully smelling purchase at a time.

Fitz loves the Skylar May scent, Vintage Rosé

Cassie Says… did you miss the kickoff month for the scent club in April? No problem! Join the club in May and see what it’s all about, you won’t regret it!

Cassie Says fun fact: the roller perfume shelf life is two years (noted on the back of the packaging by an icon that looks like a container with the number “24” in it, which stands for 24 months!) – that’s called a good investment.

If only there was a scratch & sniff feature on the computer because seriously everyone needs to realize how bad they need Vintage Rosé in their daily routine… even my sister’s pup Fitz loved it 🙂

*Pssst you know much I love to shop, but also (should attempt to) save money while doing so. As my friends, I want you to save big while you browse! Get 10% off all Skylar products, in addition to the Scent club, with CASSIE10. Shop on! Mother’s Day gifts are waiting for you …

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