The stylish way to bring oils everywhere with you

Essential oils literally have the ability to put a spell on people – once you learn about their benefits, you basically get hypnotized. I’m one of those people…

A few months ago, I started to read more about oils and the crazy benefits they can have on your body, soul and mood. If dabbing an Energy Blend roller in the AM can set me up for an uplifting day, I thought, gee what else can these things do!? Spoiler-TONS of stuff!

Speaking of tons, I have started to accumulate quite a collection of oils & when I travel with them, I just stick them in my bag with my fingers crossed, hoping they don’t clink and break all over. That would be a tragedy..

The solution? Modern Makerie bags.

I honestly cannot remember how I discovered MM, but most likely it was through Instagram – social media maaan, crazzy.

The shop owner, Kate Lyons, is a fellow oil enthusiast (from what I know when I stalked her Insta) who created a bag to store oils for her friend and from there, everything took off! You can read more about her story here – she’s basically brilliant.

Kate makes six different types of bags:

6 spots for oils + plastic lining

Each bag has elastic holders for the bottles or credit card slots & varies on the space it has for the oils- I got the everyday bag in Canvas Bloom which is part of the 2019 spring collection. It holds 6 oils, both 10mL bottles and rollers with plenty of space to put other things in the bag … like mints, gum? Anything flat. I tried to fit my phone in there, but ya girl was dreaming big – the large bag would definitely fit it though!

Besides the fact that it’s absolutely adorable, including the packaging… I love how durable it is. The material is thick and the inside is a plastic finish, so that if the bottles leak, it’s an easy clean up. *All moms eyes open wide * easy clean up!?

Cassie Says… Modern Makerie bags are seriously worth every penny. Your oils will be safe & trendy at the same time! *Bonus tip* if you sign up for the emails/newsletter, you get a $2 off code + discount codes when placing bulk orders. I’m big on supporting small businesses, although it seems like MM isn’t quite a small business, but actually a boooming biz – hello 29k followers. Take a look at the spring collection and I know you’ll find something you’ll swoon over or even snag a bag for your oil obsessed bff. *Warning – your credit card may jump out of your wallet to help you bite the bullet…

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