A summer beach read to add to your list!

I’m usually strictly just a beach reader – the type of person who can read a good book cover to close in a week, as long as my toes are happily in the sand.

There is, of course, the exception for ‘during the year reading’ when I’m traveling and cannot nap on planes for the life of me. But rarely do I ever get through a book fast during the regular hustle & bustle of week days – throw in my Riverdale addiction, Very Cavallari on Sunday nights + American Idol and my free time for reading disintegrates quickly.

Holy moly – can I tell you that I got through A Love Letter Life in just about four sittings. That’s unheard of for me during any time of year other than the summer!

A Love Letter Life is the story of Jeremy & Audrey Roloff (yes, the Roloffs from TLC’s Little People, Big World). They take you through their relationship and how the environment they were surrounded by when they met and going into their wedding day, such as dealing with camera crews following them around, affected them personally and as a pair.

If you follow them on social media, you may have noticed that just about everyone that has picked up their book is raving about it! As someone who doesn’t necessarily revolve life around religion in all aspects, I was hesitant if this book would be for me – the two live a very Christ-centered life and reflect this within the pages. But after seeing that is was only $12.20 on Amazon, I do what I do best – clicked add to cart on my Amazon account and I’m glad that I did because this book is truly for anyone.

I loved reading their love story because I watched just about every episode of Little People, Big World growing up, so besides learning more about their story, I low key wanted to see if they reveal how the cameras sway viewers vs. the real behind the scenes stuff. Speaking of behind the scenes, the two also have a podcast that I listen to regularly on my commute to work called Behind the Scenes Podcastfitting.

If you need an uplifting romantic beach read, snag this book! I will say, they do repeat themselves just a bit, but I loved hearing about their lives from their perspective written on paper, as opposed to just their Instagram stories that I watch on the reg. They go in depth about their relationship mantras such as the enneagram, the principle of sharing and the way they support each other as one through their religious beliefs. It’s truly 231 pages of sweetness, a pleasant shift from my fictional Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novels that usually end in some sort of devastating loss – geez Nicky Sparks, take it easy on my heart would ya.

Cassie Says… for $12.20 on Amazon, it’s worth adding to your bookshelf. It’s a heartfelt read that will make you want to give more to others – whether that’s through a friendship, family or your own personal relationship.

Jeremy and Audrey are gems and old souls, reading about their starry filled nights around the campfire on Roloff Farm made me want to pack up my bags and fly out to the Pacific Northwest to go camping .. update/spoiler, still in Jersey, but dreaming of Oregon…

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