The first month EVER of Skylar’s Scent Club

Smell fabulous with these clean, safe and fresh natural scents

Allow me to introduce you to the amazing women that are true trailblazers in the 6-free scent world – Cat Chen and her team of ladies creating clean fragrances known as Skylar. On the quest for safe scents, they have been capable of eliminating the dirty ingredients – parabens, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, animal-derived ingredients and synthetic dies – to create a beautiful, chemical free formula!

After becoming a dedicated advocate in the non-toxic beauty world, hearing the word fragrance sends me running in the opposite direction. Did you know that US companies are not required to reveal what they use when fragrance is listed on the label. You could actually be exposed to over 3,000 chemicals that are harmful to your skin and body… SOS.

Not to worry though – all of Skylar scents are free from the six worst ingredients, follow strict standards and are blended with botanical based elements + fruit extracts.

The Skylar Scent Club

Skylar scents are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and handmade at a local perfumery in the beautiful state of California. What’s even MORE amazing? I know what you’re thinking – what can top all of this?

They have just launched their very first Skylar Scent Club!

Are you the type of gal who likes to switch up your perfume based on your mood or maybe even to reflect the season? The Skylar Scent Club gives you access to a limited-edition scent every month that is shipped directly to your door – am I dreaming!? so shook.

CASSIE10 gets you 10% off all Skylar products, including the Scent Club! Give it a try – the packaging is unreal…

How to join the Skylar Scent Club

The perfect size for your purse or carry on bag – it rolls on so smoothly too!

It’s really easy! Enter your email to get on the waitlist – yes, there’s a waitlist because it’s THAT amazing.

When you’re accepted, you’ll create a profile which gives you access to the good stuff – preferred shipping frequency, ship date and the option to add additional products to your monthly box.

Once you’re a member – you’ll get a brand new travel sized (10mL) scent every month for $20. You also get 10% off all Skylar items (member perks say whaa) that you have your eyes on .. like the Isle Candle that will instantly teleport you to the beach. You have the power to skip or cancel your subscription at any time – but trust me, you’ll be eagerly waiting at the mailbox every month for the delivery …

For those who like cuddle up with a good book book, the rollies come with a sweet little bookmark beaming with a mantra of the month that urges you to get your creative juices flowing. April’s mantra is nurture your inner magic.

April’s Scent – Magic Bloom

Drumroll please … the scent to kick off the first ever month of the club is Magic Bloom.

My first reaction to the sweet smell of this is spring has sprung ! It has been bitter cold in New Jersey for far too long and Magic Bloom has me super eager for the first sight of a blooming flowers and temperatures above 45 degrees…

I’m also swooning over this packaging. I carry it around with me in my purse just to wow my friends with how practical and appealing it is! The front of the box shows off the the bright, juicy, floral notes of the blend – pear, yuzu and magnolia flowers are the keys to the citrus tart behind April’s scent.

Open the little box known as Vol. 01 and you can read the inspiration and story behind the scent components.

Below the story of the power behind Magic Bloom, are suggestions for two other Skylar scents that you can layer it with – Meadow and Isle.

Passion to give back – girl power!

Everyone knows my heart melts for companies that give back to their community. A portion of the proceeds from Magic Blossom will be donated to Step Up, a mentoring program for underprivileged female high school students across the country. Cat Chen, you amaze me. Slay.

Cassie Says… there are few things more exciting than arriving home after a long day at work to a box of goodies at your doorstep – luckily, I get to experience this giddy happiness every month as a member of the Skylar Scent Club.

The beauty and fragrance industry is changing – and it’s for the better. Become a part of the magic and step into the world of fresh, clean scents as a scent club member. Skylar scents are made to be layered – the rollies all compliment one another and allow you to combine them to make a fragrance that is entirely your own.

I 1000% support you becoming a part of the clean beauty world (+ shopping of course). Start spring off right and join the club with me! CASSIE10 gets you 10% off your scent club membership + each month’s scent.

Stay tuned for the Skylar Scent Series – my personal reviews on each month’s scent and what I think of them!

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