Essential oil diffuser jewelry – calming + trendy!

Jewelry with a purpose, that’s my kind of bracelet

One of the many sites that I browse when I’m bored and itching to shop is Etsy. I’ve been daydreaming lately for a unique way to incorporate my essential oils into my everyday routine and thankfully *heavens shining down* I found Drops of Wellness Goods.

The earthy tones + dang cute beaded diffuser bracelets on the shop’s main page were so eye catching, so I knew this was the perfect solution. Although I do love the topical way of applying relax synergy blend directly to my wrists, I was super stoked to try out a diffuser bracelet and bring some good juju to my jewelry box.

Thank you Drops of Wellness for sending me one of your diffuser bracelets. All feedback is my honest opinion!

How to wear & use your Drops of Wellness bracelet…

So how does a diffuser bracelet work? It’s actually really easy! All you do is apply a few drops to the beads (Drops of Wellness prints the instructions directly on the tag- they suggest applying the essential oils to the wooden beads) and then wear it all day long & let the oils work their magic. I typically put one drop of essential oil on each of the four wooden beads – that’s 4 drops in all!

The Pink Jasper and Rose Gold Bracelet
with 4 drops of Plant Therapy’s grapefruit oil

I think the absolute best part of wearing your Drops of Wellness bracelet (aside from the fact that it’s so cute & trendy) is that you get to take in all the benefits of your essential oils every. single. minute. of the day.

Every time I type on my keyboard or lift my arm, I smell the aroma of my grapefruit oils, which keeps me calm, yet energized. I have the pink jasper and rose gold bracelet – I’m also loving the amonzite gem stones and natural wood one.

One of my favorite aspects about shopping on Etsy is that when buy something from one of the shops, you’re actively supporting a small business. It makes me so happy to think that someone is working hard on the other end, to create a piece of art that they’re so passionate about – in this case, it’s Alexis from Ohio who runs the Drops of Wellness shop. As I’m sure you can guess, she’s pretty dang awesome!

Plus let’s be real, everything on Etsy is usually 5x cuter than mainstream products that you’d find in a department store.

Cassie Says… if you’ve been looking for a piece of jewelry that will enhance your mood, but also spruce up your arm party, look into diffuser bracelets. Drops of Wellness Goods has a ton to choose from and they’re super affordable.

A bracelet is $12, earrings $8 and necklaces are $20. And would you look at how aesthetically pleasing the packaging is!? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The mini floral drawstring bag is giving me all the spring feelz right now!

Let’s not forget that Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching… add this shop to your list of places to browse frantically as I search for the perfect gift for mama or grandma. Every lady’s day can benefit from a diffuser bracelet, because we all know most of us overstress + need essential oils to wind down – can I get an amen..

Drops Of Wellness, thank you for being you, so I can relax & be stylish at the same time!

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