My absolute favorite go-to items from Trader Joe’s

If TJ’s isn’t your favorite store, you have a problem…

Who else looks forward to their Trader Joe’s shopping trip every week? It’s an addiction.. I may or may not spend my Friday nights food shopping (*CassieSays tip* I finally discovered the best day to go when it isn’t packed and that is Friday’s).

I swear by Trader Joe’s – it’s affordable, healthy (for the most part) and has just about every type of food you can imagine. After two years of shopping religiously at TJ’s, I’d like to consider myself a Trader Joe’s pro, so let me share my knowledge with you … here are my absolute go-to items that I pick up on repeat.

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3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers

These crackers are perfect alone or with just about any dip – hummus, salsa, guac … you name it, these are the perfect pair.

Eat them as a side with lunch or a quick handful on your way out the door. $1.99 for an entire box, you can’t beat that!

Reduced Guilt Mac & Cheese

Say goodbye to the days of Easy Mac, reduced guilt mac and cheese is a waay better alternative.

With 65% less fat and 25% fewer calories than regular mac & cheese, it tastes just as delicious. Another $1.99 steal!

Eggplant Cutlets

A thinly sliced eggplant cutlet with a touch of flakey crust; preheat the oven and call it a day.

I like to add the TJ’s marinara sauce on these with a sprinkle of TJ’s mozz cheese for a quick & easy eggplant parm.

Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Quiche

A fancier yet quick breakfast when you have friends over – call in the quiche! It’s a convenient size that won’t make you feel too full, but just the perfect amount.

Not into broccoli for breakfast? Mixed mushroom and spinach is a close second to this one, YUM!

*Cooking tip* choose the oven over the microwave – yes it’s 20 minutes longer, but it’s has a much crispier taste!

Mochilice Matcha Green Tea Mochi

Keep walking past those overpriced mochis at Whole Foods that cost more for one than this entire box of goodness.

I tell myself this is a healthier dessert.. it’s probably not, but we can pretend right? It’s vegan okay!?

Gummy Multivitamin

It’s a vitamin – gummy or not! Take two a day and you’ll be feeling a-okay. This has been a good starter vitamin as I try to get into taking vitamins every day.

I mean who wouldn’t want to eat two fruity gummies every morning?

Brown Rice

Poke a few holes in the bag and pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes – brown rice ready for din! I love how delicious and fast this brown rice is – goes from frozen to ready to eat in minutes.

Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels

I’m not a vegetarian, but it seems like all the meatless meals at Trader Joe’s are waaay tastier than the meat ones – am I alone in this?

I like these chicken-less orange morsels are 1000x better than the orange chicken

Non-fat Greek Yogurt

For $0.99, you can choose from just about a dozen different flavors. My favorite is the vanilla bean!

I like to add TJ’s chocolate chips, the TJ’s almond butter granola and of course peanut butter.

I pick these small single yogurts over the full size quart so that I can pick multiple flavors.

Light String Cheese

I’m weak for cheese. I could eat it every day with every meal. Also for some reason, string cheese reminds me of elementary school.

For $2.99 you get 12 sticks, which will last about 2 weeks (unless you aggressively eat more than one a day, cough cough me).

Organic Baked Beans

Southern cooking in a can … and it’s organic! Top your brown rice with these yummy baked beans and you have yourself a summer meal in the making.

Turkey burger on deck please.

Turkey Chili

I’m going to stock my parent’s cabinet with this turkey chili (my mom loves Wendy’s chili, but you could not pay me $5,000 to eat fast food. I know she’ll love this one!).

Spring is coming, yes, but as we round off these last chilly days of winter, give this turkey chili a try. The vegetarian chili is also a hot commodity – every time I get to the store, the shelf is empty womp.

Cheese Tray

I hope you’re still with me here – this cheese tray is a partaaay. Watching the Bachelor with your gal pals? Going to a friend’s house for a housewarming? Bring this! You’ll thank me later.

*Disclaimer – I do love cheese as mentioned, so I personally think it’s the best snack platter EVER created*

Greeting Cards

Hallmark cards for $5.99 make no sense to me… go to Trader Joe’s and get one for $0.99 instead! They actually have a decent amount of categories from blank ones to ‘thinking of you’ and the illustrations on the front are always beautiful.

Cassie Says… these are my top faves at Trader Joe’s! I’ve tried a ton of different things that they have on their shelves and I will admit I haven’t loved every single thing – so I didn’t include those in this post of course.

There’s also always something that Trader Joe’s Junkie posts on Insta that makes me drop what I’m doing and run to the store to try it. So try everything .. in every aisle… and see what you like best (and then let me know so I can add it to my list too!).

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