Top wellness hacks for traveling

Wheels up, snacks packed + essential oils on deck

Traveling takes a toll on the body. Whether you’re visiting your grandma in Florida and trekking down I-95 or going wheels up to a work conference on the west coast – it’s important to travel smart.

What exactly am I referring to when I say travel smart? Instead of using travel as an excuse to not follow your diet, opting to use mediocre hotel hair care products (sos please no) or skipping workouts, plan ahead so that your travels don’t disrupt your daily routine.

Downtown Denver

Here are my top wellness hacks …

Pack healthy snacks

Say it with me, plane snacks are not healthy. It’s no secret that airlines aren’t serving organic, sugar free snacks to passengers in the economy seats. Economy plus? First class? Maybe. But for those of us in row 30 – byos, bring your own snacks.

I like to bring tupperware filled with almonds, travel sized trail mix packs and single serving packs of collagen peptides for my morning coffee.

Travel size products

As per TSA guidelines, you can only bring up to 3.4 fl oz of liquids in your carry on bag – what a hassle… I’m looking at you toothpaste, body lotion, dry shampoo and conditioner.

The solution? Go to your local Harmon, Target or Bed Bath and Beyond and grab your current fave products in travel size! Instead of sacrificing your luscious locks & torturing them with the hotel shampoo, try the OGX travel size which is so convenient, will fit perfectly in your bag + meets TSA standards. If you can’t find your current toiletries in travel size, you can also get empty bottles & fill them up from your own full size products too.

*CassieSays tip* this is also the perfect opportunity to try something new in a smaller bottle if you’re looking to switch up your routine items.

Bring cleaning towelettes

Airports = germs. The amount of people that pass through an airport each day and even every hour is crazy high. Travelers are sneezing, coughing and wiping their bodily fluids (for a lack of a better word), on everything in sight.

To avoid coming home with a sinus infection or a cold, bring towelettes with you when you travel (especially if you have kids) to wipe down the tray table on the plane, the bathroom counter in your hotel room and anywhere else that skeeves you out!

Thanking the travel gods for the Herban Essentials essential oil towelettes that kept me feeling squeaky clean on my work trip to Denver last week. Use CASSIE20 at checkout to get 20% off your order.

Reusable water bottle is a must!

Travel dehydration is real. A climate-controlled environment on a flight with dry air will take a toll on your body. Although you can’t bring a filled water bottle through security, you sure can bring an empty reusable water bottle to fill up once you get to your terminal + all throughout the trip itself! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Essential oils on the go – roll ons

Essential oils are known to relax the mind & body – so why not bring them with you when you travel! There’s a few options for on-the-go oiling, you can:

Travel comfortably

If you see me in the airport, I am most likely in workout pants, an oversized sweater and sneakers. Traveling for me, definitely isn’t the time to wear jeans & something trendy – casual outfits all the way!

Comfort > everything

One of my travel must-haves is my Lululemon vinyasa scarf. With 7 different ways to wear it you can’t go wrong… or predict travel temperatures. Traveling in the winter? I wear it as a scarf & then even as a blanket on the plane (instead of the airplane blanket, gross). Once at your destination, you can rearrange the buttons to wear it as a cardigan … the possibilities are endless with this one.

BYOT – bring your own tea

Every night before bed I drink sweet dreams tea, so you bet your bottom dollar that I do that even when I travel. If you like to drink tea everyday, bring a few tea bags with you when you travel.

Almost anywhere you go, you can ask for hot water to steep your tea in. Plus save $$ instead of buying green tea or a matcha latte at a local overpriced cafe.

SoulCycle Denver – Zoe was the best instructor!

Book a fitness class

It’s easy to allow the idea of “vacation” or traveling as a time to take a break from your work outs – but just remember, that you’re usually eating out more, so your caloric intake increases!

While you may not have access necessarily to a gym, although most hotels do have some sort of fitness center, every city is overflowing with fitness studios! Book a fitness class in the city you’re traveling to – this holds you accountable to work out, especially if it’s $30 for a cycle class, you don’t want to miss that.

In-flight entertainment

A long flight means you have to find a way to entertain yourself. You can either bring your own iPad to watch your fave show on repeat, download a movie you’ve been waiting to see or catch up on some work.

I like to use this time to disconnect from electronics and I always pack a good book. Personally, I like reading a paperback book over an e-version (I’m 24 going on 94). Regardless, bring something to pass the time + don’t forget to wiggle your legs and stand up at least once during a long flight to keep your blood flowing.

Crystals for good vibes

Last, but certainly not least, pack crystals. With flight delays, late Ubers and tight schedules – it doesn’t hurt to have clear quartz and amethyst to bring you energy + stress relief. Energy Muse is my go-to spot for ordering crystals.

Aviano Coffee in Denver, CO – on St. Paul Street – LOVED it here!

Cassie Says… plan ahead when traveling! I will say it does take practice to remember everything on the list & get good at packing practically, but believe me when I say that traveling can be easy, stress free and healthy! There is always a way to incorporate wellness into your trip. I’d love to know, how do you travel and stick to your routine?

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