Girl Power ALL month long!

Women’s History Month with Girls on the Run

Going quite off the usual map of shopaholic tendencies today with this total girl power post, but I just have to share – Girls on the Run is an experience that YOU can and should be a part of. Jump in as a coach, sign up your daughter to participate or even dive in as a race day volunteer, GOTR is such a worthwhile experience … stick around so I can tell you why it makes my heart beat each fall and spring.

Who inspires you to be yourself? To reach for your highest, craziest most audacious dreams? As a Girls on the Run coach, I am that supportive light for 3rd-5th grade girls in New Jersey, who sign up to join the Girls on the Run family and my team of roughly 20 girls each season.

Designed to empower young girls to activate their limitless potential, Girls on the Run meets twice a week, for 10 weeks, for 75 minutes each practice. With an activity-based curriculum, the girls are learning important life lessons like how to deal with peer pressure and using “I” statements with running activities integrated in. It’s basically life changing… for them and for me, who am I kidding?

#LetsTellHer Campaign

Starting today, March 1, Girls on the Run will be launching the #LetsTellHer Campaign in support of Women’s History Month.

Celebrating girl power all. month. long – count me in!

The mission? To inspire all women that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams – and you better believe that’s true! I’ve met so many women that are GOTR coaches because they want to integrate health and wellness into their own lives, so they’re joining their 8 year old superstar in the program to be a part of the magic!

Through Girls on the Run, I’ve met amazing mentors and women who embody the mantra of being bold and making a positive change in the lives of others. This Women’s History Month, I am partnering with Girls on the Run, to remind you that it’s truly never too late to go for your goals, no matter how big and crazy they may seem!

Camilla, one of the amazing fearless leaders of Girls on the Run New Jersey East

Cassie Says… if you’re looking to become a part of something that’s bigger than yourself, think about Girls on the Run. Studies have shown that 85% of girls who participated in the program improved their confidence, competence, caring, character or connection with others. 97% of girls said they learned critical life skills and girls who were less active improved their physical activity by more than 40%.

The numbers say it all, but the lasting impact it can have on you as a coach can seriously not be put into words.

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