Pretty headbands with a prettier cause!

Headbands of Hope teams up with Pocket Full of Sunshine

There’s truly nothing better than an stylish accessory brand, that not only is full of unbelievable people, but serves a greater purpose than providing just adorable, chic headbands and apparel to its consumers.

Headbands of Hope has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America and Seventeen Magazine for a reason! Their passion for giving back in the community is a part of their mission and who they are as a brand. Inspired by an internship at Make A Wish, founder and headband creator, Jess Ekstrom, started her business so that for every product sold, a headband is donated to a child battling pediatric cancer.


Headbands of Hope has donated to every single Children’s hospital in America, in addition to 15 countries, WOW! That’s over 200 hospitals..

The generosity of Jess and her team is so incredibly heartwarming. Aside from their distributions to the hospitals as a HoH team, they also have headband heroes who are passionate members of the community, that take the time out of their day to spread the headband love themselves!

Pocket Full of Sunshine

Just last year, I started a care package initiative called Pocket Full of Sunshine, which is completed donation based. The mission is to spread sunshine to individuals who need it most, through handcrafted packages filled with all types of goodies. Can you guess which company donated 20 headbands this February to brighten the day for pediatric patients at Children’s Specialized Hospital in NJ? Yes, Headbands of Hope!

Sunshine package filled with fun goodies! @PocketFullofSunshineNJ

I’ve always thought that I have an awkward shaped head since headbands just do not sit right, but let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE the headbands that I have from HoH! Some of them, like the Gold Dori (which is on sale + save 15% with the code CASSIE15) is adjustable, so you can loosen or tighten the fabric to exactly what feels comfortable for your noggin.

Headbands for Hope is growing fast and has landed collaborations with brands like Under Armour, Justice, Colour Pop Cosmetics and even the Dallas Mavericks!

Cassie Says… shopping with a cause tied to it is shopping with intention.

Gift a headband to your best friend, sign up for the Headband of the Month Club, or apply to be a HeadBrand rep; this company is one in a million and I think every single person should dive into getting involved with them in any way that they can!

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