Affordable plants to brighten up your home

All hail Trader Joe’s floral department

I’ve always known that indoor plants do an amazing job of brightening up a room and can boost levels of happiness. I will say though, I’m not one that is necessarily fabulous at remembering to do a million tasks in the morning, as I’m running out the door – like water said plants. Hence, why I usually opt for artificial floral arrangements to add charm to my living space or desk at the office.

Lately though, I’ve caught myself gazing at the flowers and greenery at Trader Joe’s as I walk in for my weekly grocery haul. It’s winter in NJ, so temperatures are teetering at 20 degrees or even lower (it was zero degrees last week. ZERO. the polar vortex was no joke!). So to trick my mind into thinking spring is around the corner, I bought a few potted plants and bouquets from the huge selection that are all under $6, like whaaaat.


Eucalyptus is one of those evergreens that are constantly popping up as the go to essential oil for beginners. So when I saw one of my favorite wellness gurus post about how she found a eucalyptus bundle at TJ’s for $2.99, I just about lost it.

There are a few ways you can use eucalyptus in your home, I opted to hang it in my bathroom, right above the sink & next to my mirror.

If you’ve seen fancy photos of eucalyptus hung in the shower, where it’s getting pelted with water, it’s safe to assume that those branches will live a short life… the key to enjoying the aroma of the plant is to position them so that they’re not directly in the line of fire. Instead of placing the bath bouquet below a leaky shower head, that will wilt it faster than you can say relaxation, think about a different spot where it will still bathe in the steam, but stay dry.

Aside from the refreshing minty smell, eucalyptus has also been said to ease congestion, reduce anxiety and simply brighten your mood! The branches last about 2-3 weeks, yes please.

The steam enhances the aroma of the plant!


Next up, white hydrangea flowers. Trader Joe’s can literally put every florist out of business, or at least the ones in my area, because you can get three full stems for $5.99. I’m adding these to my weekly grocery list, that’s that.

Part of me wonders if anyone has ever hired Trader Joe’s to do their wedding flowers? I think I’m onto something here…

Two bouquets here. I cut the stems pretty low to fill out the vase!

Mini succulents

Everything is cuter in mini form, so when I saw these mini succulents, I was tempted to take seven of them. But, I resisted and tossed two in my basket. I mentioned that I’m not the best at remembering to do things before I head out to work in the AM, like thaw out chicken for dinner, PB&J to the rescue, so I was over the moon when the care instructions said water once a month – SOLD!

Only $2.99 each!

For only $2.99 & a 6-8 year life span, I’d like to call this one a good investment. That’s cheaper than how much I spend at Starbucks every morning, sigh…

Another reason to love Trader Joe’s – they tailor the pot based on the time of year or store location. During halloween, they had succulents in ceramic skulls for $9.99. Apparently in SoCal and Nevada, they offer a set of three succulents in a sideways wine bottle. Yes, an empty bottle, so make sure you swing by the wine aisle and get a two-buck Chuck to pair it with.

Indirect sunlight & water once a month – amen!

Cassie Says… I’m adding the floral department to my weekly grocery list and you should too! Not only are these potted plants and arrangements perfect for your own home, but they’re an affordable gift for others too! Girls night? Bring the hostess a bushel of TJ’s tulips, she will thank you for days as she smells their sweet long lasting scent every time she walks into her kitchen.

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