Do you believe in the power of crystals?

Empowerment, inspiration and hope – the Crystal Starter Kit

All judgement and predetermined thoughts aside, what is your take on crystals? Have you jumped on board and integrated them into your daily routine or are you completely skeptical?

If you told me a month ago that I’d look to a stone for inspiration, I’d check your temperature for a fever. But as the ol’ phrase goes, don’t knock it til you try it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what I found.

My curiosity grew when I saw Energy Muse on the Love Beauty Wellness Festival lineup – the ultimate wellness festival that connects like minded individuals such as crystal energy gurus + founders of Energy Muse; Heather & Timmi. Energy Muse provides tools in the form of jewelry and healing crystals to help people achieve a desired result. The driving force behind their business? Helping people empower themselves. Count me in!

If you’re a crystal newbie like me, I suggest the Crystal Starter Kit. It’s perfect because it equips beginners with everything you need to be introduced into this world of wellness and healing; a sage stick, a soapstone dish, 10 stones and a fun little note card with simple steps to get going and feel empowered.

Let me start off by suggesting to open your windows if you are inside when you light the sage stick to cleanse your crystals. Let’s just say I was convinced that my smoke-filled room was about to erupt my fire alarm and send my entire apartment building into a frenzy, eeek!

Okay Cassie, how do I dabble into this world of crystals?

  • Step 1 – Cleanse

Cleansing the crystal resets their energy, so this is important! I used the water, moon, smoke method. Ran them under water, placed the crystals outside under the moon to charge them, lit the sage stick and then allowed each stone to be immersed in the smoke.

  • Step 2 – Set Intention

Give it a job! Sit quietly, hold the crystal in both hands and repeat your intention aloud or in your head. Something along the lines of I am intuitive.

  • Step 3- Let them work their magic!

Put them to work! Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and six pack abs don’t appear in minutes (although we can all continue to hope someday that’ll happen), so give the crystals time to sync with you and your lifestyle.

The crystals that are included in the starter set are ~

black tourmaline {energy protection}, shungite {purification of the mind, body + spirit}, carnelian {confidence, passion + creativity}, pyrite {invites abundance, wealth + new opportunities}, rose quartz {channels self-love, familial love and loving friendship}, adventurine {luck + wealth}, blue apatite {inspires ambition + motivation}, amethyst {boosts relaxation, tuition, reduces stress & anxiety}, selenite {for uplifting, joyful vibrations + energy cleansing} and clear quartz {for clarity, focus & overall amplification}.

How have I used them? Two weeks into this journey, I have placed the black tourmaline stone outside my apartment door. Pyrite on my business card to invite the energy of success. Rose quartz in my jacket pocket to remind myself to always channel self love in all that I do. Amethyst at my bedside table to soothe away the daily anxiety and stress that builds up after a day of work. Selenite in my car to purify my energy field from unwanted energy while keeping me sane in metropolitan traffic jams. And boy do I feel great!? I wouldn’t claim that I’ve hit less traffic since selenite has found its home in my cupholder, but maybe its helped me not get so worked up when Monday mornings are bumper to bumper? Thankful for that.

Cassie Says… allow yourself to try new things, and by this I mean open the door to incorporating crystals into your life! Start small like me & get the Crystal Starter Kit – Energy Muse basically holds your hand with instructions and tips, you have nothing to lose!

Not interested in the crystal stones? I have my eye on the Rose Quartz Roller, this beauty tool can be used in your daily skincare routine to massage in serums, moisturizers and give you a quick & easy at home spa experience every morning and night.

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