The holy grail for germophobes

On the go essential oil towelettes to cleanse & kick germs to the curb

Look up the word germophobe in the dictionary and you’ll see my name. I’m the type of person who opens bathroom doors with my sleeve, washes my hands so much that my skin is always dry and cannot fathom the thought of sharing a drink – germs, ew.

With my recent exploration into non-toxic products, I was on the hunt for new makeup wipes, natural household cleaning wipes and a swap for the alcohol filled Purell hand towelettes. Would you believe it if I told you Herban Essentials covers all of those and a ton more uses… unreal, I know.

Herban Essentials is a small family business out of the sunny state of California. Seriously I feel like every applause worthy natural product I’ve come across lately is sourced from the West Coast – am I an East Coast gal about to condone to the ever popular motto west coast, best coast?  I’ll let you be the judge …

Pure, fresh and fabulous are three words that the Santa Barbara based company uses to describe Herban Essentials and their therapeutic benefits. These bright and uplifting towelettes are individually wrapped + infused with five very popular essential oils, that smell amazing right when you rip open the packet – lavender, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus and orange. Best part about these travel friendly must haves – I’ve found over ten ways to use them!

The ten ways that I use Herban Essentials Towelettes:

  • Yoga mat cleaner – it’s satisfying to know that the essential oils will kill the bacteria lingering on your mat + leave your space smelling fresh and clean!
  • Post workout face wipe – say adios to clogged pores
  • Makeup remover – gets the job done, but the wipes are a bit scratchy
  • Makeup tools/product cleaner – biggest pet peeve is when my eye shadow palette is covered in its own dust
  • Sanitize office desk accessoriesphone, computer mouse, keyboard *the breeding ground for germs*
  • Travelplane seat tray table, remote control in hotel rooms, the seat buckle in your Uber – ain’t nobody know where that’s been
  • In car sanitize your hands after pumping gas, quick hand wash before on the go snacking, dust off your dashboard & center console
  • Cell phone case cleaner – germs + phone to your ear = yuck
  • Food store – wipe the cart handle before you begin your 2+ hour shopping trip (jk that’s just my usual timing when I get joyfully hypnotized at Trader Joe’s)
  • Commuting mass transit – disinfect the bus/train handle & then your hands too because ew bacteria

And for the finale … you can use any of the towelettes – I suggest lavender – for a nice facial refresh – a quick sweep across the face & you’re ready for the day (or to hit the hay)!

Cassie Says … Herban Essentials are a must-have on the go travel companion. They’re so tiny + easy to toss into your bag, backpack, car or even keep at your desk. The fact that they use high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils is relieving to know so you’re certain it’s safe to use on your face or body. It’s so important to use products that are good for you and smell good too! (I love the orange and lemon ones, yum!)

So next time you’re searching for some classic hand sani – shop local and get these beauties instead. You can enter CASSIE20 and save 20% off your order. What are your favorite travel bag essentials? Add Herban Essentials to the list!

Thank you Herban Essentials for the products to review – all feedback & thoughts are my true & honest opinion!

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