Are sticky socks only for barre class?

The grip sock with a happy reminder to be authentically you!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken a barre class? If you consider yourself a barre star, then you’re definitely familiar with the accessory that helps you survive class without slipping and eating .. carpet, sticky socks. Designed with comfort and functionality in mind – the sticky sock is your basic cotton sock BUT with grips on the bottom, so you can shake, tuck and lift your way through those 50 minutes of sweaty distress – I mean fun – at the barre.

If you’re like me and you find yourself wishing you could wear your sticky socks everywhere, then girl I got your back! Sticky Be Socks are the ones that you don’t have to hang up when you leave the studio – you can rock them all day long.

Cassie, you’re crazy, there’s no way I can fit those grips into my sneakers. Touche, but make them fit, because I’m here to let you know that my be happy pom pom socks go from at-home barre3 workouts, to yoga class, to the coffee shop to my couch binge watching Riverdale with a cup of tea.

Okay, we get it, you love Sticky Be socks! Tell us more …

Say these words with me – one size fits all. Yes, sometimes they can fool you – but seriously, this time it’s true! The struggle was real at barre studios when I would stand there questioning – hmm size medium or large? Not very helpful when shoe sizes run by number don’t you think?… but I swear these were dropped down by the athleisure gods themselves. They’re comfy, durable and have the best grip, so you don’t fall on carpet or hardwood when you’re racing your bff for the last almond butter cup in the snack cabinet – all hail Justin’s.

Yes – grip socks were made with the intention to be worn for barre, pilates or yoga, but Sticky Be Socks want you to think outside the box and wear them wherever you please! Their mission is to support the dreamer, the go-getter, and the rockstar in being completely & authentically whoever they want to be. With happy positive reminders right on the toes – be happy, be fearless, be strong – it’s easy to feel supported and motivated to be your best self.

Sticky Be Socks make lounging fun! Of course, relaxing with your feet up is always rewarding, but when you have a motivating phrase staring back at you, it’s an extra incentive to remind yourself of the recovery time you deserve from a busy week.

Cassie Says… Sticky Be Socks are cute, fun and fashionable with a hint of positivity and a friendly push to reach your fitness goals. Instead of grabbing the studio branded sock next time your grips get dull, give the be positive or be amazing crew sock a shot. I bet it’ll inspire you to sink one inch lower in your chair position and dig deeper during the final ten.

Do you barre with bae? They make socks for men too – and don’t worry, they didn’t forget about the toddlers or babies either! Learning to walk, run and crawl just got a whole lot easier. You can wave goodbye to bumps + bruises from the dreaded indoor game of duck duck goose while we’re at it.

Sticky Be Socks are not only for barre classes, sport them for whatever your 9-5 throws at you!

*Washing tip – turn them inside out and hang to dry! It keeps the grip stronger for longer.

Thank you Sticky Be Socks for the product to review – all feedback & thoughts are my true & honest opinion!

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