Journaling for beginners

Weekly reflective lists to celebrate you with Moorea Seal

What is journaling? Do you picture a 10 year old girl doodling with a fuzzy pink pen in her diary from Claire’s? Or maybe a small business owner scribbling in plans to upgrade their storefront? Journaling is for everyone – the student, the millennial, the CEO. Thanks to Moorea Seal, the Seattle based author + store owner boss lady, you don’t have to be a creative writer to join the #52ListsProject community.

The 52 Lists Project is a guided journal filled cover to cover with inspiration, vibrant photos and something to look forward to every week! The ever so brilliant author put together lists to help the reader to discover their daily joy, creativity and self expression – simply put, she’s da bomb.

The purpose of the book is to take you through the year (yes, all 52 weeks) reflecting on different aspects on your life. Let’s be real – if some of us tried to journal freely, it would be unorganized and lack direction, but Moorea Seal creates prompts that perfectly align with the season. Thanksgiving – list your favorite meals and treats. New Years Eve approaching, another perfectly paired prompt -> list the most memorable moments of your year.

What has 2019 looked like for you so far – still itching to add some positive self-reflection to your routine? This is the ideal Sunday night activity – it literally takes me minutes to add my thoughts to the pages. I find that it helps me slow down and prepare for the week ahead by doodling in the margins and reflecting to the list topics.

Not feeling it? There are other books in the 52 Lists series – The 52 Lists for Happiness, 52 Lists for Togetherness and even 52 Lists postcards so you can be a part of brightening someone else’s day too!

Cassie Says… The 52 Lists Project belongs on your bookshelf/side table/coffee table! It’s the perfect tool to guide you in the direction of your dreams & help you reflect on the valuable facets of your life. Another reason Moorea Seal is da bomb? She donates 7% of all proceeds to non-profits connecting to five categories of social causes – you can even shop based on the cause that speaks to you most.

Aside from her website, you can shop for the 52 Lists Project on Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and Walmart. Ironically, the stores you go in for one item and come out with five – so toss this one in your cart next time you peruse the Target aisles.

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