Clean Beauty Swap, Part I : Foundation & Powder

Holy guacamole. If you haven’t checked out my other posts about clean products, then you may be unaware that I’ve been on a non-toxic search for about two months now. Round of applause please, my beauty + skincare products are all finally free of toxins & chemicals.

Did you know that there are over 1,500 chemicals in beauty products that are made in America – the laws are so outdated and there hasn’t been one passed to regulate personal care products since 1938 – I could hurl. That was 81 years ago.. scary, I know. What’s even scarier? When you see the word fragrance, that could be a combination of hundreds of chemicals that companies do not have to disclose in the ingredient list. We need change ASAP… hence why advocacy groups like Beautycounter consultants are knocking on the door at Capitol Hill to take a stand.

Long story short – I’ve swapped out all of my beauty products for cleaner ones, because in the words of Gregg Renfrew, beauty should be good for you!

Let’s start with foundation and powder today, shall we…

Maybelline shade: 125, nude beige
bareMinerals shade: natural 11

I made the swap from Maybelline Fit Me Foundation to bareMinerals BarePRO Foundation. At first, it was hard to part with the good ol’ affordable Maybelline Foundation ($7.99) – but the fact that it was busting at the seams with toxins, pushed me over the edge to take the plunge and get the $34 bareMinerals foundation … my wallet was feeling the emotions of this one.

I will also add that the Maybelline bottle did not have a friendly applicator, so the product poured out freely – which ended up only lasting me one month (uh rip off?). I’m almost passing that timeline with the bareMinerals bottle and it still feels full (high fives self). So really, if we’re getting technical here, you can end up spending the same amount by replacing the drugstore foundation more frequently than the good stuff.

After foundation, I brush on a pressed powder to set my foundation (if that’s the correct term, not a makeup artist over here), with my EcoTools powder brush – best. brushes. ever.

Prior to the swap, I used the Maybelline Fit Me Powder which came in at a whopping $7.99 as well. Now I’m using the cleaner choice, bareMinerals BARESKIN perfecting veil ($27) – I have no way to make my wallet feel better on this one, except for the fact that I’m not brushing chemicals onto my face anymore, so thumbs up to that!

Maybelline shade: 220, natural beige
bareMinerals shade: medium

The breakdown of chemicals? Let’s take a look…

The Think Dirty, Shop Clean app can help you identify chemicals in your beauty products
  • Talc – if contaminated, can create risk for respiratory toxicity and cancer
  • Parabens – known as hormone disrupters, can alter the vital hormones in the body
  • Phenoxyethanol – a preservative used in cosmetics, can cause nervous system effects on infants
  • PEG compounds – synthetic polymers used as thickeners or softeners, can be contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1-4 dioxane

Cassie Says if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, then do not use the product (like above for example..) ! Download the Think Dirty, Shop Clean or EWG app to make sure all of your products are safe to use. Don’t get me wrong, I love to save money with affordable products, but invest in yourself now, so that in the long run your health isn’t in jeopardy – ya feel?

Don’t forget, you can shop with eBates on the bareMinerals website and earn money while you shop! Use my referral code – earning cash back makes all the big shopping sprees feel a little less painful.

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