The essential oils you need at your desk, in your purse … everywhere! – 21 Drops

Female owned & operated with a mission to live a healthy lifestyle

Do you have a daily morning routine that you run through when you get to work in order to have a productive (or semi-productive, no judgement here) day? Brew coffee with your fave K-cup, grab your afternoon snack to stash at your desk and then check your overflowing voicemails? Allow me to introduce you to your must-have step – rolling on 21 Drops essentials oils to your wrists, neck and temples to prep your mind and body for the day.

Essential oils are the key ingredient to living a healthy, balanced and productive lifestyle. The oils from 21 Drops are therapeutic quality, 100% organic + sourced from artisan distillers from around the world – for those who are new to the aromatherapy world and just read that as jibberish, simply said, these oils are totally awesome!

So which ones should you get? 21 Drops has a ton of different best sellersfull size rolls on (diluted with jojoba oil aka safe to put directly on skin), mini roll ons (perfect for if you want to try it out), diffusing oil, natural bug spray and elixirs (an air mist).

What gets me through the day? Focus, de-stress and sleep are my go to’s.

  • Focus – the minute I sit down at my desk, I roll this onto my wrists and neck. In this blend is frankincense, peppermint and rosemary. The goal is to stimulate memory and strengthen mental activity. Promptly at 9:01AM, this is my homegirl.
  • De-stress – Midday, if ya girl is feeling the pressure of deadlines, I grab this roller and apply it generously.. can I bathe in this? Frankincense, lavender and ylang ylang (wha?) make up this beauty – with a purpose to soothe and diminish anxiousness.
  • Sleep – This one is the last step in my nightly routine, as I climb into bed. Infused with palmarosa, sandalwood and ylang ylang – this blend will quiet the mind and encourage peace. Namaste friends.

Cassie Says … 21 Drops products are so versatile and user friendly. For oil newbies, their website really breaks it down and educates you on the benefits of each blend. For the animal lovers – they’re also cruelty free, do third party testing to be sure their products are the highest quality + are travel friendly (meets TSA size standards)! Have kids? Children five years old and up can use them too!

Next time you’re online shopping, wander on over to the 21 Drops website to order a few oils. Don’t forget to check out my favorites – focus, de-stress and sleep. You can also snag these at Credo Beauty, Costco (such a good deal, that’s where I got mine!), Bloomingdale’s and even Amazon.

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