The best non-toxic charcoal mask … ever!

Beautycounter Charcoal Mask – made with non-toxic ingredients – beauty should be good for you

I would need more than 10 fingers to count the number of times I’ve said hmm a face mask & a cup of tea (or wine, depending on how the day went ya know) would be so phenomenal right now. Well my friends, the beauty gods must’ve heard me because Beautycounter posted their winter sale and you bet I finally snagged the beloved charcoal mask I’ve been eyeing since I discovered this clean beauty wonderland two months ago.

Beautycounter is a company devoted to creating non-toxic, chemical-free products that actually work. Woah no way Cassie, is that possible? I was skeptical at first too, but dang I’m hooked. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and sulfates – the eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, facial mists and even haircare products have no questionable or harmful ingredients.

Beautycounter has banned more than 1,500 chemicals, known as the Never List, that are actually found in SO many beauty products you might have in your makeup bag right now. Download the Think Dirty, Shop Clean app and see for yourself!

Okay I’m obsessed, but enough of my rant… what is in this dreamy face mask that helps you feel recharged + ready to take on the world (or maybe just the day, let’s start small, shall we)? The mask is filled with kaolin clay that absorbs oils and impurities, activated charcoal which minimizes your pores to give you that ahhh clean feeling, and salicylic acid which sparks the exfoliation process.

Grab your tea and let’s do the dang thang – apply the clay mask onto your face with a brush or even your fingers. Next step, let it dry for 10 minutes – watch the oils from beneath your pores rise up through the clay; it’s like a 7th grade at-home science experiment. Tick tock, tick tock *10 minutes later*…. rinse it all off with a wash cloth and warm water – quick, easy & exfoliated! The aftermath? Your skin will be smoother than a baby’s bottom with a hint of minty fresh – infused with essential oils, not artificial fragrances of course, #cleanbeautywin!

Remember when I said this was the winter sale. Winter sale = holiday sets. The charcoal mask also came with the charcoal cleansing bar. I definitely had high expectations for it, since I love the mask – but sadly, it was mediocre in my book.

Cassie Says… this is the absolute best mask that I’ve ever used! Hallelujah, it lived up to all the hype that Instagram praised it for. The one downfall is the $$. For 1oz of product + the charcoal bar, it cost $30 on sale. On a normal day, the charcoal mask is $49 for 2oz. Heart stops. Sos. BUT, I will say that my skin is clearer & I love that you can see the ingredients at work, lifting impurities in only 10 short minutes. Soooo treat yo self!

I’m not a Beautycounter consultant, but if you’d like to order from my beauty guru gal, Darlene, feel free to reach out to her. You can also place an order without crediting a consultant – your call! That’s why Beautycounter is so awesome.  

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