The inspirational phrase you wear – Little Words Project

Beaded bracelets made by the nice girl gang 

It’s 2019! What is your New Year mantra? Did you promise yourself that you’d practice self-care more often (if you did, this charcoal mask needs to be part of your routine, it’s ah-amazing)? How about choosing to be kind to everyone you come across on a daily basis?

My 2019 mantra is to be fearless. As a 24 year old gal in the big ol’ working world, I sometimes can be hesitant to put my ideas forward in meetings or even doubtful, but this year, I will remind myself to go for it and to be fearless. How will I do that? By wearing my little word on my wrist every day as a constant reminder!

What do you mean wear your word? Well, thanks to Little Words Project, a company run by nice girls dedicated to spreading good vibes and creating a community of women who support one another, you can choose from a bunch of different bracelets that mean more than just a piece of string and some super cute beads.

Pop on over to their website and read the full story of how LWP was started – a nice girl named Adriana grew up being bullied and has been determined to break that stigma of girl v. girl cruelty ever since. With over 35k followers on Instagram, I’d say that being a nice girl has definitely become a lifestyle for tons of women everywhere.

Want to join the tribe of nice girls? It’s easy! Pick a word, choose a style and you’re ready to go. When your little word arrives in the mail, first things first – register it! LWP has an app and a section of their website dedicated to nice girls sharing their stories behind the meaning of their little word. Each bracelet has a unique code you type in to register it online … can you imagine how many different codes they’ve created, holy moly!

Next up, wear the bracelet and feel the power! This is my favorite part.

Now here’s the real zinger and the most unique aspect of it all – last step? Share the bracelet and give it to someone else who you come across that you think needs a spark of inspiration!

Is your roomie having a bad day? Does your bff have a huge presentation that they’re sweating about – take off your bracelet and pass it’s powers onto her! It could be hard to part with your little word, trust me I love mine, but think of all the goodness and the impact it will bring to someone else… plus, now you can go shopping for a new one, woohoo! Did you see that one coming? Cassie excited to shop?! Nothing new here!

Cassie Says… start the New Year off with a little word! Be Happy, Brave, Dream & Create. Which will you choose? As a Girls on the Run coach, I can’t wait to introduce these to my 3rd-5th grade gals this spring! No matter how old you are, these bracelets are beyond perfect and may I add, magical.

One more thing! Aside from getting them on the Little Words Project website, you can also snag them from local retailers and boutiques + some big name stores too – like Saks Fifth Avenue and The Papery.

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