Chemical-free household cleaners that smell amazing & actually work – Mrs. Meyers Products

Plant-derived ingredients combined with essentials oils to get the job done

What household products make up your bathroom vanity? What about your kitchen counter? I’m going to take a wild guess that it may be a combination of Dial soap, a Bath and Body Works foaming pump + the classic aerosol Glade air freshener spray…

Yes, the packaging on these products may have lured you in by promising to eliminate odors, ‘clean 10x stronger than others’ or freshen your home – but holy moly, I think they forgot to mention that majority of its contents are actually harmful chemicals that you should never expose to your body, GASP!

Allow me to introduce you to Mrs. Meyers. No, she’s not my sweet old neighbor that plants veggies in her garden that backs up to my side of the yard (but her story of how she started out is quite similar) – Mrs. Meyers Clean Day is a household cleaning product line with ingredients inspired by garden scents, filled to the brim with all the essential goodness of nature.

With 2019 abruptly here already, we’re all still brainstorming New Year’s resolutions to jump on board with riiiight? So, why not start the year off by swapping out the harmful products that fill your home and pick up ones that are safe and actually smell amazing too – good plan? Resolution set – you’re welcome! No more stressing about what positive change you’ll choose to make to your lifestyle and adios to wondering what your health will look like 20 years down the road, because living clean will give you both healthier + happier results in the long run.

Cassie, but where do I start? Start slow – take it at your own pace! When your soap runs out in the bathroom, order the Honeysuckle Hand Soap (it’s like frolicking through a flower patch), with aloe vera, essential oils, olive oil and absolutely zero parabens, amen.

Honeysuckle Hand Soap – I love this stuff so much that I ordered it in the hand lotion too!
Geranium Room Freshener – wishing this was a body mist .. so yeah I’m a bit obsessed with the scent

Two weeks later, the kitchen soap runs out? Snag the biodegradable Lemon Verbena Dish Soap to cut away the grease and grime on the overflowing dishes in your sink … or is that just my sink when you know I’ve had a lazy week, oops.

Glade air freshener is empty? Thank god. Get your hands on the Geranium Room Freshener. Two spritz and it smells like a diffuser is pumping out essential oils in your bathroom!

Aside from soaps, lotions and room fresheners, Mrs. Meyers also has on-the-go hand sanitizer bottles, body wash, laundry detergent and even soy candles to light and keep the natural aromas lingering all day long!

Pssst, I use the hand soap as a makeup brush cleaner and it does wonders. One pump of soap, wet your brush with warm water and then swish it around in small circles on the palm on your hand – watch your beloved Ecotools powder brush come back to life *cue angelic hymns*.

Cassie Says Mrs. Meyers is one of the most trustworthy, affordable and sensible clean product brands that I’ve come across. If you’re looking to switch up your lifestyle and live a healthier, more balanced life in 2019, then Mrs. Meyers should be a part of your resolution road map. Do you shop at Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon or Crate & Barrel? You might recognize these products after all because you can pick up Mrs. Meyers at these locations and a few more too.

Treat yourself to herbal inspired freshness – your heart and home will thank you!


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