Get inspired in 2019 – DreamersBySky

Life is about little surprises, chasing dreams & spreading sunshine

Think back to when you were younger, do you remember those enchanting rings of string and fabric that were made to chase away the nightmares as you snuggled into bed? Those magic dreamers are back and they’re better than ever! But instead of browsing through the ones at Urban O, you need to check out these unique pieces made locally with love and stylish flair.

Dreamers By Sky is a both a virtual and traveling shop created by the sweetest soul. Meet Skylar Marie – the head artist and founder, who aside from being a busy college student, plays collegiate softball has also added entrepreneur to her list of endeavors. 

There are two types and two sizes of decorative art that Sky hand makes at her shop – dreamers and rays. A dreamer’s purpose is to propel you towards the direction of your dreams and a ray is a reminder to always radiate sunshine and live by the sun.

In typical Cassie nature, I bought one of each 🙂 – but seriously, I love waking up to see my dreamer every morning above my bed + then opening my car door to the smaller one that continues to brighten my day hanging on my rear view mirror.

I’m no energy expert, but the mini dreamer seems to calm me when I’m sitting in bumper to bumper traffic commuting to work, wondering how on Earth all these people managed to pass their driver’s test …. (if you also have looow tolerance for the crazy drivers on the road, you need one of these beauties in your car ASAP to keep you sane). 

Cassie, I LOVE these, they’re so cute! How do I get one!?

Well my shopaholic friend, it’s super easy – you just message DreamersBySky on Instagram – describe your ideal dreamer – choose your style, size, colors and ta-da! You’re all set!

*Dreamer tip* I like to request the strands on both the small and big rays to enhance the whimsical feel.

Okay yes, the holidays are over, but I’m a planner, and what better time to strategize for gift giving than now!? Dreamers make the perfect gift! Did I mention that DreamersBySky can also set up shop at fundraiser events, yoga studios or local craft markets – think seafood and sand festival by the beach, is it summer yet?

Cassie SaysDreamersBySky are the most perfect zen-inspired gifts for your roomie, yourself or anyone who needs a little extra light in their life! They’re handmade, affordable and yes, super trendy.

Don’t walk, RUN! on over to Sky’s insta page and become a part of the dreamer community.

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