Your dream closet for 1/4 the price – Rent The Runway, Unlimited

The top designers in your closet

*Checks work calendar … three galas this week!? EEEK what am I going to wear?*

Raise your hand if this is you every week as you frantically realize that you’re headed to another work event and you may have already worn the same LBD 7 times this year …! But instead of jumping in the car and driving to the mall, where you’ll probably get a dress that you’ll wear just once, you neeed to jump on board with the Rent the Runway Unlimited Membership.

How does it work? Well, with the unlimited membership you get four pieces of clothing, jewelry, handbags, coats, ANYTHING on the Rent The Runway website, on an unlimited rotation. You can return the items after wearing them once or you can keep them for a week to wear multiple times – the best part? RTR handles the shipping cost and dry cleaning… the two components of owning and buying clothes that causes the most hassle. Once you return that beloved Kate Spade top that you wore to gala #1, you pop that beauty into the pre-addressed RTR garment bag and drop it in your nearest UPS drop box – and ta daaaa! prepare for a vacant spot to open up on your account and snag a new piece for a night out on the town.

Rent the Runway garment bag – provided with a pre-addressed label

Cassie, this sounds amazing, but what’s the damage? Well my fashionista friend, it costs $159/month. So yes, that looks like a big chunk of change, but allow me to break it down for you. During my first month of membership, I rented 17 pieces, including a Chloe bag, jackets, tops and other designer dresses – that’s $9 a piece. Month 2? 14 pieces, which comes out to about $11 per item including both Free People and J Brand jeans that fit me like a glove.

Intriguing… but wondering how I picked so many outfits that I loved that fit me perfectly just by looking at a photo? RTR has both a website and an app, where women who are a part of the community post photos with reviews of their favorite wears. Height, bust size, body type, usual size worn and weight are a few of the description components that are a part of the detailed review by ordinary gals like you and me.

MINKPINK – Wild Flower Denim Jacket. Most amazing denim jacket I’ve ever worn.. so I bought it at a discounted price that is exclusive for RTR unlimited members! Originally $129, I got it for $60. chaaa ching happy girl dance

Still not sold? There are no commitments- you can cancel or pause at any time – so why not give it a go! My busy time at work where I need that style confidence at tons of galas, presentations and work events is the fall, so once January hits, I’ll be pausing my account until next August .. or whenever I get serious RTR withdrawal (sos, be strong for the sake of the wallet).

Cassie Says … it’s worth it if you find yourself always daydreaming about shopping for a new outfit! Four styles on rotation, swap anytime, free shipping back & forth, PLUS no laundry to do – it’s a no brainer! But be sure to only indulge if it fits into your budget, because you will get addicted and sob endlessly when you can have to pause or cancel your membership.

*RTR tip – there is an flag ship store in NYC where you can return your clothes without the garment bags and even snag a new piece right away!

*Last thing – if you want to save $30 on your first order, comment your email below and I’ll send you a referral link to save some $$!

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