The 10/10 aluminum-free non toxic deodorant that you can now get at Target – Native

Invest in yourself. Safe, simple, effective.

Although many of us smarty pants may think the brain or heart are the biggest organs in our bodies, allow me to fill you in on something crazy – our skin is actually the body’s largest organ! Duh Cassie, everyone knows that… kudos if you already have that tid bit of knowledge in your back pocket, but how about quiz question #2? Who has connected the fact that since skin is porous (cue flashback to middle school acne disasters) – it absorbs everything you put on it, which then makes its way directly into your bloodstream. My what!? Yes… your body collects 5 pounds of the products that soak into your skin per year, *gasp!* 

God bless our cosmetic, skincare and toiletry bags because I hate to break it to you, but most of the products you use are extremely harmful to your health. We’ll revisit my clean product binge at a later date (I’m about to go into total clean product shopping overload this weekend – and you might too when you realize how easy it is, starting with Native deodorant).

Native deodorant is aluminum, paraben and sulfate free – which if not eliminated from products, are linked to long-term health problems like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Do you consider yourself a clean or healthy eater? If you consume healthy whole foods, then why wouldn’t you use products, like natural deodorant, that are beneficial to your health too. Are we on the same page here?

Okay, Cassie, I get it – so what ingredients are in Native deodorant that makes it clean, safe and the smart choice to lather under your pits?

  • Shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, baking soda, vitamin E, vegetable preservatives, and acidophilus
    (natural bacteria found in intestines) make up a Native deodorant stick

Waaaait, so no antiperspirant? Heck NO, antiperspirant basically paralyzes your sweat glands! Wondering how the odor is eliminated then? Native uses baking soda to neutralize odors, arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and acidophilus, a naturally occurring probiotic found in the intestines to keep you smelling fresh and clean. I’m a sweater and I can honestly say that Native gets the job done.

Here’s my tips for jumping on board and switching over to a natural deodorant with ease.

1. Do it when the weather is cooler (aka now), you sweat less, so your body will adjust joyfully as opposed to when you’re steaming hot at the beach or running the boardwalk in the scorching hot of summer.

2. Do not shave your armpits and then directly apply Native right after, when you’re adjusting to this new lifestyle. Shaving is essentially an open wound, and would you ever put lotion on a cut? Probably not, so give your underarms some time to chiiiill.

Aside from just women’s deodorant, Native also makes men’s deodorant, bar soap and body wash. Give your shower a makeover with one of the 10+ scents (Coconut & Vanilla is my go to!).

Native Deodorant can be ordered through their website or at good ol’ Target (in the beauty aisle)!

Want to get a free travel size stick with your order? I got your back!

Use my referral link – we’ll both get a mini deodorant, in addition to the full size, to add to our travel bags fo’ free!

Cassie Says… you’d be silly to not make the switch over to a natural deodorant and Native is currently my absolute fave. Over 7,000 website reviews on the women’s deodorant, so yeah of course, take the plunge … join the community of thousands of people who are absolutely raving about it too!

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